Before You Mow Your Grass…

You should let it grow nice and extra tall, like we did, so you can get pictures like this…

I mean, we totally planned that out… it’s not like we just didn’t mow for 3 weeks, we knew all along we were growing Easter Grass!

Oh sure, there were piles of dog poop hidden in that great forest of grass, and Leyna possibly stepped in some at the end of the photo shoot. Sure, my children will most likely LOATHE me for these pictures when they are teenagers, but damn, if this isn’t the best outcome for negligent lawn care I’ve ever seen!

As for the outfits, we’ve had that duck/chick costume since Kendall wore it for Halloween 2 years ago. Kendall’s bunny ears are from the $1 bin at Target and Trendy Ties sent me the tie he’s wearing. I just ordered Scott one that coordinates for Easter. 

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  1. I wish my grass looked that good with 3 weeks of no mowing. The clover does, grass, not so much. They are adorable as ever. Looking forward to the new torture to come of sibling photo shoots now that baby #2 is on the way.

  2. PS: Um, the REAL kind. The plastic kind is banned from my house forver! Months after Easter that stuff was still tangling up my vacuum.

  3. I’m just jealous that you have actual real, green, grass, and not the ugly brown stuff all over our yard. And that chicken is adorable. (So is the bunny, but Leyna stole the show.)

  4. We have that chick costume and my husband was planning on cutting the grass tomorrow …. I’m TOTALLY doing this tomorrow morning!!! And for all the years I’d saved those darn plastic Easter eggs …. I threw them away last year! I have to go buy more in the morning before our photo shoot … to keep my 10 month old sitting happily in his chicky halloween costume! Thanks for the idea!!!! LOVE IT!

      • well my husband unexpectedly cut the grass immediately after his run …. I heard the mower and ran down to stop him … but I was too late! When does that ever happen???? Anyway, we have really pretty spring flowers out in front so we did our photo shoot out there …. only, I don’t know how to post a photo on here!

  5. super cute! Your kids are really, adorable. I guess I didn’t have to tell YOU that.I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed after your twitter hint.

    I wish we HAD overgrown grass. Here in Nevada, it just dies in the winter. So, yeah, not really picture worthy.

    Update: I’m actually considering a live bunny. Ten bucks says I’ll be sucking on a tailpipe by the end of that photo shoot.

  6. SUCH cute pictures! And I may need to steal this idea, but that’s exactly what my grass looks like right now.

  7. Sorry it took me so long to comment. I just woke up from my diabetic coma from the sweetness. Oh. My. Goodness. They will hate this when they are teenagers, but they won’t be teenagers forever, and they’ll eventually be doing this shenanigans to their own peeps and totally appreciating their uber creative momma. Ellen

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