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Less HaHa, More Awww: Bluebonnet Pics Take 2

Okay, so not all the bluebonnet pics are worthy of hilarious commentary. I did manage to salvage some. Most of these were processedView full post »


Tiptoe Through The Bluebonnets With A Terrified Toddler

Hey, mom… dad? Did you mean to leave me in these…weeds? Kendall? Where are  youView full post »


He’s Hot Then He’s Cold

Don’t let the big smile in this picture fool you. He was epically pissed about 5 minutes before followed by 10View full post »



BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Do you really think that’s even possible? You’re soView full post »


Things I Actually Say To My Husband, VLOG style

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Before You Mow Your Grass…

You should let it grow nice and extra tall, like we did, so you can get pictures likeView full post »


Let’s Get Naked!

I have never loved my stomach. Never, not even when I was a skinny, toned 16 year old cheerleader. I’ve done more crunches than I canView full post »


Mommy Truth: Stop Exerting Excessive Force, Dude

If you’ll excuse me, I must get back to doing the dishes. htmlView full post »


She’s Fearless And I Love It

This girl went with me to drop big brother off at school… But, instead of coming back home with me, she got toView full post »


Conversing With A 3 Year Old

Momma, let’s make soosmies when we get home!        Okay, we can do that. That’s a great idea, Kendall. HowView full post »


Pin The Ovaries On The Uterus- It’s a Real Game

So I was minding my own business, driving by myself on the way home from the grocery store, enjoying the silence, when I happened to noticeView full post »


Mommy Truth: I’ll Be Lucky If I’m Wearing More Green Than Baby Snot

Did you know it’s a world-wide drinking holiday tomorrow? I didn’t. Until I went to the grocery store andView full post »


The Diva Cup- A VLOG

Oh yes, it’s as weird as you might imagine. I vlogged about a menstruation cup. It’s a poorly lit video because the only timeView full post »


Mommy Truth: What good are siblings for if not this?

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Sometimes A Girl Just Needs Some Frills

I was a tomboy as a kid. Really. I hated dresses. I caught geckos. My favorite toy was a dump-truck, and I was never afraid of a littleView full post »


The Rundown of A Perpetually Exhausted Procrastinator’s Days

7:30 am- Why, Dear God, WHY must the children wake before 8? Ugh. I’m going to HAVE to nap today. It’s happening. And thenView full post »


This Needs To Be Discussed: Children’s Shoes

Can we just talk about the INSANITY that is the price of children’s shoes? Because last weekend I was thisclose to thinking it wasView full post »


February Sponsor Love

February flew by! I mean, even with that extra day thrown in there, it was just like, BLAM, done. I’m actually pretty sure I’mView full post »


It’s The End Of The Day, You Are Not Alone

Feel defeated? Exhausted? Run over by the Mack Truck known as children? You, my friend, are not alone. Let’s all sing Kumbaya, braidView full post »


The Way I View: Sweetness & Love

That was February’s topic for my Clickin Moms monthly photo challenge. I didn’t know what I was going to post until I startedView full post »


I Dream Of Only Cleaning My Own Pee & Vomit

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