This Cloth Diaper Is A Game Changer

And I’m giving 4 of them away! (Stay tuned for that at the end of the post.)

This is the all new ones&twos all in one cloth diaper in action.

Adorable, fun colors, great fit, great customizable absorbency, GREAT price.

There’s really not anything not to love about this diaper.

Here’s why it’s a game changer:

All-in-one diapers are the closest cloth diapers come to going on and coming off like disposable diapers. When people email me to say they have a caretaker or parent who is hesitant to use cloth diapers because of the “extra hassle” or “all the time” it takes to put them on and take them off, I recommend all-in-ones. (Though, really, the “extra” work is pretty minimal with all cloth diapering options. It just takes time to get familiar with them.)

However, there have been a couple down sides to the all-in-one route. First, most of them are pretty expensive, more expensive than pocket diapers. Also, they tend to not be as absorbent as pocket diapers.

The ones&twos (okay, let’s break for a moment to acknowledge how cleverly cute that name is)… anyway, you can adjust the absorbency of the ones&twos diaper without losing the convenience of an all-in-one.

So you just lay the soakers on top of the diaper, if needed. No need to stuff or unstuff them.

Now, I will say that I tried Leyna in the diaper without any soaker a couple times, and we had leaks after just a couple hours. I always lay the one included soaker on top of the diaper before putting it on her now, and we haven’t had any issues. For us, though, this would not be a nighttime option, just because I have other diapers that I stuff with hemp doublers that are so trusty I don’t feel the need to experiment or replace them.

Newborns may get by with no soakers

For daytime, though, for daycares and babysitters, or even for new parents who want to dip a toe into the sea of cloth diapers without feeling overwhelmed, I feel like these are a FABULOUS option.

The cost? Around $17. The Green Nursery has them for $16.95. Most other popular all-in-one diapers start around $20-$25. When you’re building a stash, that’s a substantial savings.

So, while I don’t think ones&twos would replace any of my beloved diapers in my stash, they are certainly an awesome addition, and I will confidently recommend them to anyone interested in an “easy” cloth diaper option from now on.

Bet you want to win one now, dontcha?

Not only will one of you win ONE ones&twos from the manufacturer, one of you will win a THREE PACK of ones&twos from 

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This contest is open to U.S. and Canada residents, though the winner of The Green Nursery 3 pack must be from the U.S. I was not paid for this review, but I did receive the diaper at no cost.


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