Dream Job: I Have One!

I remember being 25, in the midst of my quarter-life crisis, dreaming of the perfect job, doing what I love and getting paid for it. Only problem was I didn’t know what that job would be. I didn’t know what I really loved. You know, I was all quarter-lifey and conflicted and stuff.

So I would just whine to my friends who lived on my computer (since I found myself half way across the country from “in real life” friends and family) about how I didn’t think I’d ever find my path in life. Oh, so dark and twisty. I was all emo dressed in Ann Taylor LOFT with a few too many first world problems.

6ish years later, and I’ve just secured 2 jobs in the last month that spurred from all those online relationships I started years ago, and from this blog, and mainly from my love for all things that have grown from my accidental induction into the world of social media.

I’m officially doing what I love AND getting paid for it. Take THAT, quarter-life crisis.

Granted, I’m sure that money will go toward paying for my social media/photography/blogging addiction that got me in this mess in the first place, but at least this “hobby” is finally paying for itself.

I’m so excited to announce that I’m now in charge of Blog Relations for Clickin’ Moms! I’ve seen so many of the friends I’ve grown up with online blossom as phenomenal photographers over the last few years (like Ariana, Megan and Mollie), and many have gone on to work with CM. It’s serendipitous that I am joining them in this way, and it feels like a perfect fit.

I’m coordinating an awesome new Blogger Ambassador Panel for them, consisting of some AMAZING bloggers who are well on their way with their photography journey, and I know they will thrive with the help of all the Clickin’ Moms resources.

Casey from Moosh In Indy
Jacinda from Prudent Baby
Mandy from The Haps
Beth from I Should BeĀ Folding Laundry
Jessica from Momma’s Gone City

You should definitely check them all out and follow them to see the progress they’ll make in their photography over the next few months. Our goal is to make the blogosphere a little bit prettier by mastering our fancy cameras and using them to help us tell heartfelt stories, and we want to teach you great things with visually inspiring tutorials.

And, we want you to learn with us! We’ll be sharing our aha! moments and any tricks we learn along the way, but we’d also LOVE to get to know you more over on the Clickin’ Moms forums. They’re not just for aspiring professional photographers. They’re for moms and non-moms, hobbyists and bloggers, and anyone who wants to enhance the way they document their lives.

Want to see what it’s all about before you commit to a membership? Try it out for FREE for 7 days with the code BABYRABIES. Ready to jump in? Save 20% off your membership with code BABYRABIES20 (starting at $30 for 6 months or $50 for a year). In my opinion, the cost of membership is worth it based on the free tutorials, alone.

And, and, AND… I get to go to Blissdom in Nashville next week on behalf of Clickin’ Moms! So if you’re going to be there, find me, let’s talk pictures! And probably kids and sleep and wine while we’re at it, not gonna lie. I’m happy to take you on a little laptop tour of the forums and answer any questions you have.

Hooray for getting paid to play on the internet and take pictures! What more could a girl hope for? Well, I mean, I would also love this job…

… just, you know, in case anyone you know is looking to hire a professional, wine-drinking pinner. I’m happy to add that to my growing list of responsibilities. I’ll even work for minimum wage with no benefits.