Well heck, it’s February already and I still haven’t shown my love for all the folks who supported me by putting an ad in my sidebar in January. WHERE ARE MY MANNERS?

Let’s remedy this right now.

Huge thanks to:

Olive Bungalow – She’s back with an even bigger ad, even more support for me, and I just when I think I can’t adore her jewelry any more, she comes out with all this fabulous new stuff. Seriously, THIS is the stuff you want to ask for for Valentines Day. I love her and her pretty jewelry.

Passionfruit Ads– The shopping cart for your blog ads. I can’t wait until it officially launches because, obviously, I need help with the admin side of this whole selling ads gig.

Courtina- Mama Extraordinaire – Love this lovely blog of lovely pictures and sweet babies. Courtney continues to inspire me to be a better, more creative photographer, and I love how she’s capturing the little moments with her family.

Daily Mom Report – “Headlines for moms who want to go beyond the front page.” It’s chock full o’ news that matters to moms (and dads!) in the form of curated links from across the web.

Pea Wee Baby – Home to the SwaddleBuddy Sack – a sleeping sack for babies that guarantees to keep your baby swaddled.  Looks promising to me!

CLICK! How To Take Gorgeous Photos Of Your Kids– an ebook from the lovely and amazingly talented Rachel Devine. I can speak from experience that Rachel is a wonderful teacher (I took her Beyond Snapshots course last summer).

For Two Fitness – Selling fashionable, funny and functional maternity fitness wear. I’m a little in love with these maternity workout pants. I mean… I would even wear them NOT pregnant… on Thanksgiving.

BlogMe by Focht Creative– You know all those photo collages I’ve been posting on here lately? Made with this! And I love, love, love it. It makes photo heavy posts go up 10x faster, and you don’t need Photoshop to use it.

Kin Community – An awesome YouTube channel full of fashion, cooking and home decor tips. It’s free! It’s on demand! Cable-free me loves it.

Hopper’s Baby Haven- Warning! You will be mesmerized by the cute baby on the homepage. He will say, “Come! Buy all the sweet little things here!” with his charming eyes. If you get entranced, I recommend you check out The Hip Mom’s Guide To Modern Cloth Diapers, a book by Kelly Wels.

Livi Stitches Handmade Sewing Patterns- She swears that each pattern is designed with the beginning sewer in mind, which makes me even more tempted to find the time to make these pants for Leyna.  

How To Be A Dad Just a couple awesomely hilarious dudes who make me laugh daily. They were nominated for a Bloggie! So give them a vote if they make you laugh, too.

Speaking of How To Be A Dad, I was honored to be a part of a Spreecast with Charlie from H2BAD, hosted by Janice from 5 Minutes For Mom last week about how to get your blog to go viral. Charlie and I spill some trade secrets, so if you’re interested and didn’t get to see it live, you can watch it here:

Want to see your blog or business featured in a sponsor shout out and in my sidebar? Ad space is available for February!

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  • "We're all just walking each other home..."⠀
I read this quote one beautiful summer day when I was on route to visit some family. It actually took my breath away because I felt like it was the very definition of what humanity was meant to be; us, taking each other's hands... and holding space for one another in this emotional adventure we call life.⠀
Sometimes it's hard to see it though.⠀
With too many headlines and anonymity and a world that often feels like a very scary place... it's hard to remember that we're all in this together.⠀
Until one night, it happens. A text comes through:⠀
"My water broken."⠀
"Contractions are happening."⠀
"We're on our way."⠀
I arrived and simply stood back in the corner while a miracle happened...⠀
One woman; whose life journey took an unexpected turn and left her unable to have children. But also left her with the undying desire to be a mother.⠀
One man; in equal pain... equal suffering... equally wanting to start a family with his wife.⠀
Another woman; who could carry their child and give them - quite possibly - one of the greatest gifts another human being could offer.⠀
And just like that, a child was born. Not in a world of "yours" or "mine"... but in a world of "us" and "ours". A child so loved. A child so desired. A child whose bonds will cross an ocean.⠀
That night, through tear soaked eyes, I had the immense privilege of documenting the most unique bond... the most incredible relationship... the most amazing gift;⠀
The humanity of walking each other home...⠀
Thank you so much to @gen_georget​ for allowing us to share her words and her incredible photo. Sometimes you see a picture and it hits you right in the heart, sticking with you forever. This is one of them.
  • He heard himself fart in the tub! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #wallaceaustin
  • He only likes to nurse in the morning and at night and anytime he sees me sit still or notices I’ve stopped moving for 2 seconds. 😆 #mothernurturemothernature
  • Ahh, the classic We Forgot Our Baby In A Forest shot. #happyloudlife
  • We launched a new YouTube channel, and we kicked it off by making bacon s’mores for the whole family! Looking forward to all the great videos I have planned for the coming weeks, including talking about how my #postpartumanxiety played into our decision to travel fulltime. There’s a link to our first video in my bio, and I would LOVE if you’d subscribe to our brand new channel! #happyloudlife
  • The debate rages on, but that silence is unmistakable. 😅
  • Be bold. Be brave. Be loud if you want. Be bossy. Be un moldable. But most of all, love, be YOU.
  • I would love to know what is one thing your mother taught you that you hope your kids learn from you and teach others? It could be a skill, a craft, a recipe, or just a life lesson! 💖My mom taught me to be empathetic and to encourage others. She has always been my biggest cheerleader, and I strive to model that for my children and others in my life now. It is my greatest hope that my kids will grow up to be compassionate people who truly support others. 💖 Your turn! #happymothersday2018