One Of My Better Ideas

The girl was born on December 28th, and I vowed at the time to not let her arrival so close to Christmas affect my ability to throw her proper, awesome birthdays and shower her in cool, non-combineable gifts.

Of course, as with all things in parenthood, it’s so much easier to say you’ll “never” do something before you actually have to deal with it.

As her birthday approached the end of last year, I was left scrambling. How on earth would I throw a party for her 3 days after Christmas and get anyone to actually come? What would we get her that wasn’t already under the tree?

And so, like most things in my life, I put it off. I procrastinated celebrating my baby’s first birthday. And that? Was a really freaking awesome idea.

Now I have most of January to plan (and stay up every night Pinning inspiration), everyone is looking for something to do in the dead of winter, AND AND AND there are so many sales on cheap toys!

I just got back from Target where I got her a Corolle Tidoo doll, Corolle stroller and Corolle baby bed for $30- TOTAL. (These don’t seem to be on sale online, but there are some other good clearance deals to be had on their website.)

Oh yes, this will work nicely. I believe we will celebrate Another Year Plus One Month birthdays every year.  Her party is on Jan 28th. It will be in our house, which could prove to be challenging, but I hope to wow all the guests with a cool photo booth and all the grown ups with Hot Buttered Apple Cider with Rum. 

Now… I must figure out how to make this giant Polaroid frame for the photo booth. Suggestions? I thought posterboard at first, but I don’t think one piece would be big enough.


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  1. Maybe you could get a piece of the matte board they use at framing shops? They could probably cut it for you too–bonus!

    One of my xmas birthday buddies always had a 1/2 birthday party 1/2 way through the year. They’d have 1/2 cupcakes, 1/2 full punch, 1/2 sized presents. ‘sfun

  2. Foam board. For the Polaroid. Foam board and an exact-o knife.

    They probably just secured it with fishing wire and hung it from those lights.

  3. get a BIG box (like an appliance-type box) and paint it… (they’re usually thick enough that they are sturdy enough to not have stabilizers… OR! make a wood frame and paint it… love that photo booth idea!!! awesomeness!

  4. We’re hoping for a November/December baby…this is a great idea if we have a close-to-Christmas baby! My SIL’s bday is Dec. 23rd, I should ask my MIL how they celebrated her birthday when she was younger.

  5. When I was little a friend of mine’s birthday was on Christmas. Her family was Jewish so that made it somewhat better. Her immediate family always did something really special among themselves, but her big party with friends was on her “half birthday” every year. To her she got to celebrate her birthday twice.

  6. Lydia’s birthday is the 27th of Dec. Her first b-day was on the 19th? Last year we didn’t give her one. And for her 3rd birthday, we’re celebrating with her friends on the 7th of January. This will be the third time she gets to blow out her candles for this one birthday though, since she celebrated with both of our families during the holiday.

  7. I’ve been doing a happy dance for awhile now that you pinned a photo of my rainbow theme to your inspiration board! If you end up needing any stickers, water labels or printables for Leyna’s party, just say the word and I’ll hook you up! : ) No idea for the best way to make the Polaroid frame, though – my craftiness runs on the smaller side of things. LOL!

  8. I would use mat board rather than foam core. Foam core will reflect any flash used and will give you a diffused ball of light on your frame. Just be careful if you have it professionally cut – the beveled edges can give you a hell of a paper cut. You also should be safe to get the non-archival board instead of acid free. That should save you quite a bit when buying a full board.

    • I don’t plan on using flash. I’m hoping the natural light from the window right by where I’m going to set it up will be enough. Do you think foam core would be okay in that case?

      • Yep, natural light should be fine! Use a box cutter with a fresh blade & have a spare blade around in case you need to switch halfway through so you get clean edges. Make multiple passes instead of trying to get through on the first try. You can also rub off any fuzzies with a nail file.

    • Agree. Avoid the traditional poster board covered foam core. Go for the big sheets of insulation at Home Depot or Lowes and paint ’em with a matte finish.

  9. I would use luan I think to make the frame. It’s similar to thin plywood. We used it a lot on stage crew in hs

    • Luan can be pricey and heavy though. It will be stronger than the foam board insulation stuff, but if you are planning to hang it I wouldn’t use luan. Luan needs support from below because of the weight.

      • It will also be surprisingly floppy if you don’t back it with a wooden frame made of stronger wood. I’d definitively pass on the Luan.

    • they would work relatively well, but you’ve gotta be careful with that kind of material. As paint dries on it the weight of the paint could press down on the corrugation and cause the lines from the corrugated stuff to be more prominent,even to the point that they may show up in the picture. If you go for cardboard you are going to want to texture the paint finish. Spatter some different kinds of white and really light grey on the white base coat and that should do it.

  10. I made one of those photo frames for my nephew. I work at a Sign Shop and made it out of a material we call Coroplast. It’s like corrogated cardboard, except it’s plastic (a lot of lawn signs are made of it now) It’s lightweight, sturdy and easy to cut with a matte knife. We used to get it for $8 for a 4 ft by 8 ft sheet from our distributor. Of course, I’m in Massachusetts – so I’m not much help to you there. But call a sign shop, see if you can get a full sheet? They could also cut you vinyl lettering for the bottom that you could stick on and apply!

  11. You can get a big sheet of melamine (whiteboard material) at Home Depot. It comes in 8 foot sheets, so it would definitely be big enough, and would have the added bonus of being reusable, since you can write on it and wipe off. People could even write their own messages on the edges if you gave them markers. We used melamine to make speech bubbles for the photo booth at my sister’s wedding and it was a big hit!

    • That could work and be great for reusing, but you’re going to have the same problems with it as you would with the luan. The hole in the middle will make it weak which could make it floppy and it will be heavy. You really should support it from below and build a frame for the back if you go this route.

    • That could work and be great for reusing, but you’re going to have the same problems with it as you would with the luan. The hole in the middle will make it weak which could make it floppy and it will be heavy. You really should support it from below and build a frame for the back if you go this route. With something this big it’s going to be tricky. I wouldn’t use whiteboard if you want it to float like it does in the example picture in you blog post.

  12. I run a children’s theatre, I do stuff like the frame you were mentioning all the time. Someone may have mentioned this kind of thing already, I didn’t read the other posts, but this should work really well and be very easy. Get a sheet of the blue foam insulation board from Home Depot. We always call it blue board, I’m not sure what the actual name of it is. Cut out the shape you want, cover it in Kilz and you should be all set.

  13. My birthday is Christmas day. Every other person I’ve ever met whose birthday was also on Christmas, or within 2 weeks of it felt cheated. We either were told our Christmas gift was also our birthday gift, OR worse, just didn’t get one. We were sometimes given a party during the summer, or another non-holiday time. We didn’t have a birthday cake because there were other holiday sweets instead. Our birthday card had a Christmas tree on it….. blah, blah… you get the picture.

    All that did was piss me off. (sorry for the language)

    Really… don’t do that. I’m 52 years old, and it still makes me angry. Yeah, I have an issue with it.

    My advice to parents of a holiday baby is to celebrate the birth of your child first. A party on the weekend of the birthweek works when the person is old enough to understand, A disregard for the day is a disregard that the heart considers.

    That’s what I think about it.

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