12 thoughts on “Mommy Truth: The Real Miracle Of Life”

  1. Word.

    A few nights ago Maggie bit me because, “Your arm was in front of the book, Moooooom.”

    “So you BIT me?”

    “I wanted to see if it would work.”

    “BITING was your go-to strategy?”

    And she’s still alive and well (though minus some privileges and plus some time-outs) which is pretty incredible. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t happen as frequently if kids weren’t the cute little DNA packs that they are.

  2. My 11 month old has taken to thumb gouging me in the eyes while shrieking so loud he shakes (I think he may be anticipating/mocking my pained cries).

    DNA is a wondrous thing. It’s difficult to consciously remember, in the first chaotic seconds of an eye gouge, that this is my child and not a violent intruder. Yet somehow it keeps me from launching him off me into the ceiling.

  3. Right there with you, Leanna is 17 months and still like to head butt. The last bad one was at her Dr’s I thought I was going to have to get him to stop the bleeding

  4. lol. i love these mommy truths so much and i dont even have any kids yet. i do have a nephew so i can somewhat relate.

    thanks for the laugh. it was much needed today 🙂

  5. Hmm, I totally agreed with you until I read the last part. Am I the only one who chooses to “gently” shove my 11 month old away when she crazily pulls my hair and pinches me every morning in bed because she wakes up before me?!?!

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