When I saw this pop up as Parenting. Illustrated With Crappy Pictures’ Facebook status last week, I immediately knew I had to Mommy Truth it because, yeah, more than anything else, you need a sense of humor to get through this parenthood thing.

If you happen to posses this very important job skill, then you will LOVE the Parenting. Illustrated With Crappy Pictures blog. Run there if you haven’t been sucked in already.

11 thoughts on “Mommy Truth: It’s A Job Requirement”

  1. I LOVE CRAPPY PICTURES! I got sucked in a few months ago, even got my husband hooked on it… we bond over it, lol 🙂

  2. congrats, amber! I LOVE Crappy Pictures!!!! It puts perspective back on my day-to-day and make me laugh more on the small things (and wish i could draw crappy pictures of those moments, too 🙂 And now it looks like i’ve got another site to love!

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