Life/Dirty Dishes as Art

I call this “Good Night, Dirty Dishes. My Ass Is Too Tired To Care.”

I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop so that those of you who never go to bed with dirty dishes can have your very own “Good Night, Dirty Dishes” print. With the money I make off it it, I will pay for someone to do my dishes. I’m genius like that.

I just got done doing a load of dishes, and there are still enough dirty ones laying around for at least another. Did I tell you we all have a cold right now? We do. Yeah, that’s totally the reason why I went to bed with so many dirty dishes waiting for me. Totally. 

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  1. Oh thank god I’m not the only one! I too have more than one load of dishes after a week of being sick – Also laundry…several loads of laundry. There should be fairies or dwarves or even gremlins to come do this never ending crap while mommy is sick! (or always)

  2. I wish I had enough dishes to have that many dirty!! And I wish I had your kitchen! But most of all, I wish you felt better.

  3. this is so my kitchen! well, not my kitchen but you know what I mean. real moms (even ones that dont work outside/inside the home for money) still have dirty dishes. all the time. and if we sit and read, have a sick kid, are sick ourselves, or just want to talk to our husbands– they stay dirty.

  4. Thank you. I am walking up the stairs, away from the ketchup stained plastic plates that are balancing on top of sippy cups and coffee mugs. I think I feel a sniffle coming on… 🙂

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