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Mommy Truth: The Real Miracle Of Life

Inspired by my urge to throw Leyna across the room last night after she head butted me in the nose. Hard. On purpose. Like aView full post »


Wintery Rainbow 1st Birthday Party

I came up with the wintery rainbow theme for Leyna’s party after falling in love with all the beautiful rainbow partiesView full post »


Snow What Fun!

Leyna had her first birthday party today, and a good time was had by all. I’ll be back with tons of pictures on Monday, but I thoughtView full post »


The Calm Before The Party Storm

Leyna’s birthday party is tomorrow! And we all know what that means… I’m about to LOSE MY MIND.  We’re having it atView full post »


Living An Old Nightmare In The ‘Burbs

“Where did so-and-so move?” I asked my hip, single sister who lives in a posh little apartment near the heart ofView full post »


Turns Out, We Don’t Need Cable

Remember how I asked you all for your advice on making the big leap to give up cable? I couldn’t believe how many of you already had,View full post »


Mommy Truth: Seriously, GO TELL YOUR FATHER.

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Warning: The Cute May Cause Spontaneous Ovulation

Last Friday I thought it would be fun to have a couple kids over for a play date (sisters) and have a little photo shoot. I’m at theView full post »


I Gift You Cuteness and $100 to Tea Collection

Present #1: Little miss Leyna, baking up some love and smiles at our fun at-home Valentines photo shoot this morning.View full post »


Heart-Shaped Sugar Smash Cookies (The Lazy Mom’s Cookie)

My name is Jill, and I’m addicted to sugar cookies. Frosted sugar cookies. It started at Christmas time with dough from a tube, butView full post »


Mommy Truth: I *May* Have Contemplated Bungee Cords

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I Like Big Bows, And I Can Not Lie

Look at how pretty Leyna’s Quilt Hoop Bow Holder  is, all filled up with pretty, bright bows! Of course, now thatView full post »


Mommy Truth: It’s A Job Requirement

When I saw this pop up as Parenting. Illustrated With Crappy Pictures’ Facebook status last week, I immediately knew I had to MommyView full post »


It’s A Party! No Pants Needed.

Howdy, friends! Please forgive the punchy-slap-happy-cornball tone of this post. I am in the thick of a family wide cold… or virusView full post »


Life/Dirty Dishes as Art

I call this “Good Night, Dirty Dishes. My Ass Is Too Tired To Care.” I’m thinking of opening an EtsyView full post »


The Gift Of Silence

Leyna is babbling like it’s her job lately. And not just “ba ga mama googoo” stuff. She’s watching us talk,View full post »


A Reactionary Mommy Truth

Well, yesterday was quite the day. My post about letting my 12 month old “cry it out” got pretty much nothing but support overView full post »


Watch Me Break Mommy Blogger Commandment #1

Thou Shalt Not Write About Letting Babies Cry Oh yeah, I’m going there. You know, for as much as I like to tell readers thatView full post »


This Is My B Face

Yesterday was the last day I could submit a photo to the Clickin’ Moms “I Am A…” Project (to benefit RAINN, anView full post »


One Of My Better Ideas

The girl was born on December 28th, and I vowed at the time to not let her arrival so close to Christmas affect my ability to throw herView full post »


My Top 10 Breastfeeding Tips

Image courtesy of Jessica Marchetti Photography My top 10 breastfeeding tips and tricks… things that worked forView full post »


12 To Do in 2012

I’m not a resolution-y type of person, but there is something about starting anew each year that makes me feel like I can wipe theView full post »