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Mommy Truth: The Real Miracle Of Life

Inspired by my urge to throw Leyna across the room last night after she head butted me in the nose. Hard. On purpose. Like a ninja…View full post »


Wintery Rainbow 1st Birthday Party

I came up with the wintery rainbow theme for Leyna’s party after falling in love with all the beautiful rainbow parties I’veView full post »


Snow What Fun!

Leyna had her first birthday party today, and a good time was had by all. I’ll be back with tons of pictures on Monday, but I thoughtView full post »


The Calm Before The Party Storm

Leyna’s birthday party is tomorrow! And we all know what that means… I’m about to LOSE MY MIND.  We’re having it atView full post »


Living An Old Nightmare In The ‘Burbs

“Where did so-and-so move?” I asked my hip, single sister who lives in a posh little apartment near the heart ofView full post »


Turns Out, We Don’t Need Cable

Remember how I asked you all for your advice on making the big leap to give up cable? I couldn’t believe how many of you already had,View full post »


Warning: The Cute May Cause Spontaneous Ovulation

Last Friday I thought it would be fun to have a couple kids over for a play date (sisters) and have a little photo shoot. I’m at theView full post »


I Gift You Cuteness and $100 to Tea Collection

Present #1: Little miss Leyna, baking up some love and smiles at our fun at-home Valentines photo shoot this morning. The new office weView full post »


Heart-Shaped Sugar Smash Cookies (The Lazy Mom’s Cookie)

My name is Jill, and I’m addicted to sugar cookies. Frosted sugar cookies. It started at Christmas time with dough from a tube, butView full post »


I Like Big Bows, And I Can Not Lie

Look at how pretty Leyna’s Quilt Hoop Bow Holder  is, all filled up with pretty, bright bows! Of course, now that I have a prettyView full post »