Santa & Screaming Infants: Is There A More Festive Combo?

I think not. We waited for 2.5 hours for this guy tonight, and that was with a reservation. But totally worth it.

This is The Big Guy that we’ve taken Kendall to every year of his life. He’s the real Santa, and the sweetest man ever.

Leyna wasn’t buying what he had to sell, but I’ve secretly always wanted a screaming baby/Santa picture, so it’s cool. Kendall was always so composed in his. (You can see years past in this post.) I mean, there’s just something so very Classic Christmas in America about handing over your terrified, crying child to a man who makes a living off a letting small children sit on his lap. And now I have one of my very own to frame and put on my mantle every year.

Ho, ho, ho! I love it.

Oh, and about those Inappropriate Elves… I know I’ve got to narrow down the top 10, and I’m about to dig into it now. I’ll probably save the announcement for tomorrow morning, so don’t wait up. Sorry folks. This Santa thing ate up our entire night.

Kendall is 3.5 and Leyna is *gulp* nearly a year old.