Poor Second-Born

When Scott, Kendall, my in-laws and I all started singing Happy Birthday to her after dinner last night, Leyna was very suspicious of the sudden group focus on her, it seemed. With a surprised look on her face, she looked behind her left and right (perhaps for an older sibling who she believed was more likely to be the subject of everyone’s gaze), then she looked back at all of us and slowly erupted into cheers, laughter and clapping.

Poor second-born. She’s not used to getting all the attention from everyone in the room at the same time. Of course she was suspicious!

Leyna is 1 year and 1 day old

  • Good Girl Gone Green - Oh my, those are great! Love her suspicious face!ReplyCancel

  • Cassie Sartin - Oh. My. Lordy.

    That’s like the cutest thing ever.ReplyCancel

  • Cole - Ohmigosh, the look on her face in that first one is Too Much. Happy Birthday, Leyna!ReplyCancel

  • Mandy - Oh my COW that’s a cute look.ReplyCancel

  • sarah/disenchantedsl - Amazing. Beautiful. Brilliant!ReplyCancel

  • Angie - What a face! Such a cutie:-)ReplyCancel

  • sheri - OMG- what a cutie! Love her expressions. Happy Birthday Leyna!ReplyCancel

  • Leslie - LOL! What a cutie pie. Priceless pics.ReplyCancel

  • Rebekah - that is awesome! so darling.ReplyCancel

  • Regan - Awesome. Those pics are priceless.ReplyCancel

  • Kylee - What a sweetheart!!ReplyCancel

  • Brett - aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! I love her so much! Happy Birthday little LL!ReplyCancel

  • Fadra - I die from the cuteness. Can I borrow one of yours so I can suppress the desire to have any more child?ReplyCancel

    • Jill - You are welcome to borrow her any night from the hours of 11 pm – 7 am. She’s super adorable at 2 in the morning.ReplyCancel

  • BethT - Both of those photos are precious, but the first one melts my cold heart!ReplyCancel

  • KatherineA - she is TOO adorable. Happy Birthday sweet girl!ReplyCancel

  • Vi Nguyen - Happy Belated to Leyna. It’s funny because it’s the opposite in my house. BG2 steals all the attention while BG1 shows off with her cartwheels or plays video games. She is 7 and had 6 years all to herself though, so there’s that! 😉ReplyCancel

  • TheNextMartha - O my gosh I love this. Like they should be framed together sort of way.ReplyCancel

  • BRANDI ELAM - Happy Birthday Leyna! Her suspicious face is GREAT! I love that you caught it on camera.ReplyCancel

  • I Gift You Cuteness and 0 to Tea Collection | Baby Rabies - […] and passed down for many years to come. We bought the kid’s Christmas outfits from them, too (Leyna is wearing her’s here), and received so many compliments on how nicely they coordinated without being matchy, matchy, and […]ReplyCancel

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