Last Christmas I was massively pregnant, a day overdue, and a major bitch.

If one more person asked me if I’d had that baby yet…

I went from having a big baby in my belly last year to a big baby in my arms this year.

She turns 1 in 2 days! Her Christmas gift to us? Walking.

Leyna Walks <<Video… hopefully that works.


12 thoughts on “My Ghost Of Pregnant Christmas Past”

    1. It’s such a double edge sword. I want her to start walking because she’s so heavy, but of course, that’s going to make her that much harder to keep up with. Merry Christmas to you, too!

  1. I was two days overdue on Christmas this year and am still waiting to meet our little one. The texts and Facebook posts/messages are well meaning, but man, do I want to hurt the people who ask where this kid is!

    You just gave me hope that I might give birth in 2011…

  2. Oh she is just so cute!!! Congrats on the walking. My not even seven month old baby is now pulling herself up CONSTANTLY. I swear she is trying to walk and I am thinking of pushing her down each and every time. 🙂

  3. Love it! Great pics. I was wondering what she was walking towards and when I saw it was a watch I remembered how much my little one loved watches, for chewing of course 🙂

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