4 thoughts on “Mommy Truths- Baking & Slime”

  1. My being a preschool teacher usually ends up on my clothes too. And my shoes. Food, paint, pen, marker, crayon, pencil, sh*t in my pockets…

  2. I can’t exactly bake homemade cookies w/ a four month old, but I’m looking forward to teaching her as soon as she is old enough. I don’t do store-bought dough–it’s just no fun. But I love the second one! It is so true–I’m usually covered in a fine dust of formula powder with drool all over my chest and sometimes (if I am somewhere where I can’t change) a wet spot on my pants/socks/shoes! from where she’s peed on me. When I’m at home I go through a lot of clothes and tend to have to take a lot of showers lol.

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