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Getting Hammered On NYE

5 years ago… Tonight… We’re kicking off 2012 with a BANG… quiteView full post »


Poor Second-Born

When Scott, Kendall, my in-laws and I all started singing Happy Birthday to her after dinner last night, Leyna was very suspicious ofView full post »



Sometimes a friend’s Facebook status is so hilariously true that it immediately becomes Mommy Truth material, like this one my friendView full post »


Delicious Cake & Chub! Leyna Turns One.

At right about this time, one year ago today, I was in the middle of a lightning quick 1.5 hour labor. It was fast, but intense. Painful isView full post »


My Ghost Of Pregnant Christmas Past

Last Christmas I was massively pregnant, a day overdue, and a major bitch. If one more person asked me if I’d had that babyView full post »


If I Could Send You All a Christmas Card

you’d have seen these pictures already… maybe… except those of you who *are* getting Christmas cards, but probably notView full post »


3 Going On 13

He wanted to comb his hair all. by. him. self. “Like daddy’s” he insisted. So, whatever, I left himView full post »


Announcing the Top 11 Inappropriate Elves

I went back and forth with Jason of Passionfruit Ads all morning and there was NO way we could settle on ten. It was nearly impossible toView full post »


Santa & Screaming Infants: Is There A More Festive Combo?

I think not. We waited for 2.5 hours for this guy tonight, and that was with a reservation. But totally worth it. This isView full post »


Inappropriate Elves Are Winning

Parents with a sense of humor have united the last couple weeks in a way that brings a tear to my eye. We are FUNNY. WeView full post »


Christmas Songs Are Condescending

Alternatively titled: A Scene From My Life, A Holiday Comedy, Coming To A Theater Near You Yes we NEED a little Christmas! Right this veryView full post »


Photographic Evidence of Why I Have Fat Babies

That’s 12 oz. of milk pumped in 12 hours I was away from my baby, straight from the fridge. People always ask meView full post »


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things- And I’m Giving One Away!

I know it’s really late for gift guides and all that, but maybe not. I mean, I’m pretty sure my husband hasn’t bought meView full post »


I Knew I Needed Help When… #PostpartumAnxiety

I’ve had some time since I last told you all about my postpartum anxiety diagnosis. I’ve been on medication (Zoloft, for thoseView full post »


Inappropriate Elf Contest, Starring Inappropriate Elf

He’s baaaaAAAAckk! After the smashing success of the first 5 Highly Inappropriate and Traumatizing Elf On The Shelf Ideas post,View full post »


Sparkle & Shine- A Beautiful Giveaway

Because beauty’s not hard to find this time of year… And because I want one of you toView full post »


My Life Is Not A Rice Krispies Commercial

I made frosted cookies with Kendall today. It’s not something I do very often, but I felt like, okay, it’s the holidays,View full post »


Get Your House In Order With momAgenda (Giveaway)

Okay, confess. Are you feeling frazzled yet? I mean, I know this time of year is all about wonderment and joy and celebration, but it alsoView full post »


December Sponsor Shout Out

Wazzzuppp??? Dude, that was so 1997. Sorry. Anyway, here’s a little shoutout to some folks who are helping me feed my online shoppingView full post »


Mommy Truths- Baking & Slime

 Refrigerated cookie dough tubes, FTW! And can I get an Amen to this bit of wisdom from the lovely Mandy fromView full post »


All Because One Elf Got Drunk

Well, wow. The last 48 hours have been pretty swell. I’ve been slaving for 4 years over posts on this blog about meaningful thingsView full post »