Last weekend, we were invited to a royal feast. We ate “baby dragons” and “dragon toes” with our bare hands. We slurped soup from our bowls.

We got to see real, live jousting and sword-fights. Seriously, there were sparks.

Click through from my homepage to read more about our trip to Medieval Times, Dallas.

We had excellent, front row seats to enjoy Medieval Times, Dallas’ new show, and the entire family had a blast.

Yup, even this one:

I was a little concerned when I discovered there were no high chairs, but Leyna (10 months old) loved every minute and was either fixated on the horses and knights in front of us (literally squealing in delight as they rode past) or stuffing her face with chicken…er… I mean, “baby dragon” and veggies the entire time.

And this guy:

Let’s just say, at 3.5 years old he totally got it. He was enthralled and fully invested in our yellow knight.

This picture needs no caption:

Medieval Times was always one of those places on our list of “Maybe Some Days,” but I’m so glad we had the chance to experience it sooner than later. We went to a 5 pm show and we were out in time for both kids to crash, with full bellies, on the way home. Fun was had by all.

Oh, and the food? Uhm, surprisingly good, I must say. And SO much of it! We actually brought 2 boxes of leftovers home and had lunch off of it the next day.

I’m not sure if there are any vegetarian options at Medieval Times, though. So if you don’t want a big fat plate of meat in front of you, maybe look into that before going.

We got to watch the new show, which officially rolls out in the Dallas Medieval Times location on November 18th (the other 8 locations are soon to follow). It was very action-packed, without being too difficult to follow along with while stuffing our faces.

And really, those knights are crazy talented and must rehearse often because that is some REAL fighting going on! It was very exciting to watch.

I only had a couple small issues:

1. There were only 2 drink choices- Pepsi or Tea. Meh. I had tea, the boys had Pepsi. It’s not a huge deal, but I had to make a special request for water for Leyna (and the “wench” was more than happy to get it for me).

2. This place is very commercial, which is fine. I mean, I’d expect as much. Just know when you get there you will be bombarded with various ways to spend your money, beyond what you shell out for your ticket (which includes your dinner). Either plan an extra spending budget ahead of time for things like costumed pictures and light up swords, or maybe try to get there as close to show time as possible* so you limit the amount of time you have to spend saying no to the kids.

*The RSVP says to get there up to 2 hours ahead of time because seats sell out, but I’m not sure if it’s only like that if you buy your tickets at the door. It’s worth checking to see if you can buy tickets ahead of time and maintain your reservation without getting there so far in advance. We only got there 45 minutes before and didn’t seem to have any issues.

You DO get to bring home a really cool hologram souvenir cup, so you won’t come home empty handed even if you don’t buy anything additional.

The experience, overall, was wonderful, and I think it’s the first dinner we’ve had in 3.5 years that we didn’t have to worry about Kendall yelling at the table. Really, this is the perfect place to bring children with awful table manners.

Medieval Times invited my family and me to dinner at no cost to us. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. To learn more about Medieval Times click here.

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9 thoughts on “That Time We Ate Baby Dragons With Our Bare Hands”

  1. My parents took my brothers and I to medieval times whenwe were younger and we LOVED it! I’m looking forward to taking my son someday =)

  2. We’ve been to Medieval Times Dallas several times over the years. The most recent trip was Spring of last year, when my son was only 5 months old. I was a little worried about how he would do, but he was a rock star! He watched the show intently, drank his bottle, and then fell asleep in my lap. Yes, he fell asleep in the middle of all that racket! I couldn’t believe it. We’ll definitely have to think about going back when he’s a little older (he’s 20 months now) and can appreciate it more.

  3. There IS a vegetarian option. I think you have to specify when you make your reservation. I don’t remember exactly everything I was given to eat, but I know there was a mountain of pita chips and hummus, and I believe I had like a rice & veggie kabob type thing, and I’m pretty sure I still got the soup & bread and potato. There was so much food I had to give some to my husband, and I was 7 months pregnant & starving at the time. It was excellent quality, just like everything else. This was at the NJ location, so I can’t say that this is the same at all locations, since I only ate the normal meal all the times I went in CA.

    1. Oh, yay! That sounds delicious, too. I might even request that next time. Not that I didn’t like all the meat, it’s just, wow, there was a WHOLE lot of it.

  4. My husband and I honeymooned in Myrtle Beach, and our hotel stay included vouchers to various entertainment attractions. We chose to go to Medieval Times, having both been to other locations as teenagers. We really enjoyed it, the food was good and we managed to get the picture of my husband in his “suit of armor” for free. We live in Buffalo, and I know if we had a closer location than either Chicago or New Jersey we would go again with our almost 3 yr old DD.

  5. I remember going to Medieval Times with my family in Orlando when I was little and it was SO MUCH FUN! It’s so good to know that it’s still a fun family place! I remember our soup being in little handled pots, and my brother and I REVELED in the fact that we could eat with our hands! I so want to go back again one day!

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