12 thoughts on “That Moment You Wake And Realize Your Baby Slept 8 Hours”

  1. My little 8mo dude slept throught the night 3 times in his 6 month. Randomly. And that was it. Back to waking numerous time and the inevitable warm, smushy wushy bed right between mom and dad;)

  2. The first time mine did that I still woke up every hour and got out of bed to check on her. I got less sleep than if she had just gotten up at 2 like she normally did.

  3. Here’s the messed up part: by the second one, you wake up briefly, wonder if the baby is breathing, and then decide there’s nothing you can do about it at that point if she isn’t, so you might as well get some more sleep.

    Mother. of. the. Year.

  4. My daughter is 2.5 YEARS old and I’m still waiting for this moment. Sigh. At least I won’t have to worry about my boobs exploding!

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