NOT A Reason To Have Kids

“You only had kids so we could DO YOUR DISHES!” I’m pretty sure I shouted that at my parents at least a few times throughout my childhood. I’m positive I muttered it under my breath every time I bellied up to the sink of food covered dishes after dinner, alongside my little sister. “When I […]

Rockin’ Green Jingle Bell Rock Giveaway, Featuring Red Hot Apple Cider!


I am thrilled to be one of the very first to help Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent help announce this year’s LIMITED EDITION Holiday Scent. Red Hot Apple Cider I mean, I know it’s detergent and all, but YUM. If I were pregnant (and craving rocks and soap), whoo boy! Now, you can go purchase […]

Preparing for Operation Fatten The Baby


It’s happened. Now that Leyna is pulling up and crawling, chasing after her perpetually-in-motion big brother, she is trending more toward looking like a little girl and less like a ball of chub. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the ball of chub! The girl’s lost AT LEAST 3 rolls from her legs and […]

Green Beans Wrapped in AWESOME (a recipe)

Ever heard of green bean bundles? We hadn’t either until my dad met his ex-girlfriend. This was *her* recipe. And while she didn’t last (and has now been replaced with a totally awesome new wife), the bundles have remained, renewing my belief that everything happens for a reason, even dad’s ex-girlfriends. Here’s how you make perfectly […]