We’re all still sick over here, sharing germs, and cups and snot. Family bonding at it’s finest. I’m on tissue patrol, in an effort to keep the kids from snotting all over the house. Let’s just say it’s possible I can relate with this Mommy Truth from Lindsay at With A Little Love and Luck:

 I’m now drinking alone… not even wine! I’m hiding out with my tea and water so the kids don’t try to drink it and leave their snotty floaties behind. (Aren’t you so glad you checked in today? And wasn’t it so kind of me to post this at lunchtime? Yum.)

7 thoughts on “A Couple Gross and Slimy Mommy Truths, In Honor Of Our Family Sick Week”

  1. Thank you! I always get weird looks from friends & relatives when I refuse to share food & drinks with children. I know where their mouths and hands have been. And I don’t want that anywhere near the inside of my mouth. Ever.

  2. we dont share, either. also? I’m not the only one that picks my baby’s nose? awesome! my husband looks at me weird, but sometimes? the snot sucker just won’t get it out!!!

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