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5 Highly Inappropriate & Traumatizing Elf On The Shelf Ideas

This Elf On The Shelf thing, have you heard of it? My mom says she had an Elf that watched her and her sisters before ChristmasView full post »


Should I Tell Him Maxi Pads Aren’t Bandaids?

He was supposed to be taking a nap in our room. I put him in our room because I didn’t want him to wake up his baby sister. ItView full post »


Festive Mommy Truths

It’s the MOST wonderful tiiiimme of the yeeear! You know, the time of the year when we make our life one million times harderView full post »


Christmas Twinkle Light Pictures- A How To

I was a busy picture taking elf this weekend. Oh yeah, I took that! And this… And thisView full post »


NOT A Reason To Have Kids

“You only had kids so we could DO YOUR DISHES!” I’m pretty sure I shouted that at my parents at least a few timesView full post »


Rockin’ Green Jingle Bell Rock Giveaway, Featuring Red Hot Apple Cider!

I am thrilled to be one of the very first to help Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent help announce thisView full post »


Preparing for Operation Fatten The Baby

It’s happened. Now that Leyna is pulling up and crawling, chasing after her perpetually-in-motion big brother, she is trending moreView full post »


Green Beans Wrapped in AWESOME (a recipe)

Ever heard of green bean bundles? We hadn’t either until my dad met his ex-girlfriend. This was *her* recipe. And while she didn’t lastView full post »


That Moment You Wake And Realize Your Baby Slept 8 Hours

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November Sponsor Shout Outs

Here’s some love for the folks who are helping me stash Christmas money away this month. A huge thanks to my sponsors for November!View full post »


Why We’re Not Keeping This Video Game Swag

I got to go to an event this week in Dallas where we talked a little about how video games affect kids, specificallyView full post »


My Picture of Postpartum Anxiety: Before

First, I want to thank all of you who have been beyond supportive since I told you all about my postpartum anxiety diagnosis last week. YouView full post »


A Couple Gross and Slimy Mommy Truths, In Honor Of Our Family Sick Week

We’re all still sick over here, sharing germs, and cups and snot. Family bonding at it’s finest. I’m on tissue patrol, inView full post »


You’re Not Going To Believe Me When I Tell You…

I don’t have a time machine. When I show you this picture, you’re going to be convinced I hoped on board myView full post »


Dad Forgets Baby In Parking Lot, I Don’t Judge

Dear father in Roanoke, TX who forgot his 6 month old in the parking lot of Dominos, When my son was 8 weeks old, we drove to Texas fromView full post »


In Case You’re Looking For Something For Your Christmas List

Especially if you’re a mom with a camera, or a mom with a laptop, or a mom who wants a stylish and very multi-purpose diaper bag, IView full post »


That Time We Ate Baby Dragons With Our Bare Hands

Last weekend, we were invited to a royal feast. We ate “baby dragons” and “dragon toes” with our bare hands. WeView full post »


Guest Mommy Truths: Table Dances & Bras

I took a sick day today because my mom came in town to watch the kids and my body was like, “YAY! This is the BEST time to get SICK.View full post »


Acceptance: Postpartum Anxiety and Me

This is normal… I told myself. All mothers worry… I convinced myself. I’ll get through this… I thought. I’mView full post »


Sports- What ELSE Would There Be To Be Thankful For?

I know I tend to be a bit dramatic from time to time, exaggerate a little every now and then, but I am not stretching at all when I sayView full post »


Guest Mommy Truths: Dog buttholes and bags of snakes

Hitting you all up with some more in my Mommy Truths series today. I am loving all the guest submissions I’ve been getting! I wish IView full post »


Baby Feeding Magic

Click through from my homepage for tips on baby feeding magic. View full postView full post »


My Children Have Turned Me Into A Serial Liar (Mommy Truth)

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Small Children Can Confuse You. (Mommy Truth)

I asked for help yesterday, and I got it! My inbox is filling with hilarity. I would say 90% (really, not an exaggeration) of the MommyView full post »


#NaNoWriMo: It means I’m going to be busy. Maybe you can help?

So, you know I’ve been working on a book… for, like, 2 years. I mean, not always working on it for 2 years.View full post »



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Emily Henderson’s Holiday Guide- That’s My Upcycled Coffee Cozy Tutorial!

Listen, just because it’s November, doesn’t mean I support putting Christmas trees up this weekend or decking your halls justView full post »


Argh! Happy Halloween Hangover Day.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! My little pirate and parrot sure did.   Leyna rocked herView full post »