The latest addition to the Mommy Truths series (which I’ve been having so much fun with lately) is not a “mommy” truth at all, but from a male perspective, courtesy of my new friends over at They were just listed as one of the Top 50 Dad blogs by Perhaps you are already familiar with their hilarity and awesome diagrams? NO? You must go there now… well, wait, not until you read this:

My kids ALWAYS find ways to stick their heads in Scott’s armpits when they sleep with us!

6 thoughts on “Because Sometimes Kids Like to Sleep in Dad’s Armpit”

  1. So funny! I love when our boys smell like daddy! It’s especially nice when they get hugs before daddy leaves for work, and I get to smell the cologne on their hair the rest of the day.

    1. For us it’s the “cranny” lol. The other night my 4 year old says “dad, I can’t sleep. your cranny smells bad, go take a shower!”

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