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Switch Witch, Take It Away.

In years past, I haven’t realized how much I hate candy… I mean, what it does to my son. Now that he’s 3,View full post »


Look! We Took Her Out In Public And Documented It!

Leyna was born in the middle of winter; and while it was balmy, nearly warm the day we brought her home, within weeks, we wereView full post »


Kendall Is Ready For Game 7! #WorldSeries

I planned to write something sweet and/or witty here, but I’m still trying to recover from the HEART ATTACK that game gave me. AND IView full post »


Because Sometimes Kids Like to Sleep in Dad’s Armpit

The latest addition to the Mommy Truths series (which I’ve been having so much fun with lately) is not a “mommy” truth atView full post »


Top 10 New Mom Essentials

Okay, it’s been nearly a year since I had my 2nd baby, and I’m certainly not a “new mom” anymore, but I’veView full post »


In A Word, Screwed.

These pictures are accompanied by the sound of my productivity plummeting.  Because I can’t get anything done when I have to followView full post »


That Time I Went To A Legend of Zelda Symphony And Forgot My Pointy Ears

Somewhere along the way on this blogging journey, someone at Nintendo thought I might make a good brand ambassador. I honestly don’tView full post »


You Might Be The 2nd Baby

If none of your toys have working batteries, you might be the 2nd baby. If you wear onesies that aren’t new, but “cleanView full post »


A House Divided… And United

Kendall’s really taken to the game of baseball this year. I think this can, largely, be attributed to all the softball gamesView full post »


Inner Smug 24 Year Old Weeps While Toddler Mayhem Ensues

I saw this ad come across my Facebook feed this morning, and it couldn’t have been at a more appropriate time. Remember how I toldView full post »


Ruffle Up A Hoodie

Just a quick post to show off this jacket I made for Leyna last week. And by “made” I mean I transformed it from a basic grayView full post »


Notes On Parenthood and Time

The moment you become a parent, time begins to whip by, increasing in speed with every passing day. The moment your baby starts screamingView full post »


There’s Something About a Great Hand-Me-Down

There’s something about unpacking them from  the boxes of all the clothes special enough… clean enough to save. There’sView full post »


Because Nothing Says Welcome Back To Fertility Like Toilet Paper In Your Undies

People, this is your warning. This post is all about menstruation, in gory, graphic detail. Feel free to click away now… we’llView full post »


We Have Each Other, It’s Enough, And I Wouldn’t Change A Thing

5 years ago, I imagined we’d escape to a tropical island, or maybe Italy… or Greece, anywhere but the ‘burbs of DallasView full post »


Because I’m In The Mood To Reminisce- Wedding Pictures

One of these days I’ll print a wedding album.  I’ll pull it out every year on our wedding anniversary, and make my children sitView full post »


How I Met Your Father

I never thought I’d meet my future husband in a grocery store. I certainly never thought I’d meet him at a time when I had noView full post »


Strong Start Day- Supporting Postpartum Progress

“Only 15% of all women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders ever receive professional treatment. This means that each yearView full post »


Let’s Get Ready to Party! #FuzziBunzElite

Today’s the big day! I’m going to be on Twitter tonight (@BabyRabies), along with @FuzziBunz and ambassadorsView full post »


Tonight, He Asked To Move Out For The First Time

Let it be known, tonight, at the tender age of 3 1/2ish years old, Kendall asked to move out of his parents’ house for the first timeView full post »