Switch Witch, Take It Away.


In years past, I haven’t realized how much I hate candy… I mean, what it does to my son. Now that he’s 3, he’s obsessed with it. He can’t stop talking about it. He whines and begs and pleads for it before I even have time to pour a morning cup of coffee. He wants […]

Look! We Took Her Out In Public And Documented It!


Leyna was born in the middle of winter; and while it was balmy, nearly warm the day we brought her home, within weeks, we were trapped inside our house, held hostage by an ice storm. There were a few weeks of spring that we got out, but she was still so young then. I’m not […]

Kendall Is Ready For Game 7! #WorldSeries

I planned to write something sweet and/or witty here, but I’m still trying to recover from the HEART ATTACK that game gave me. AND I WAS CHEERING FOR BOTH TEAMS! Remember, we’re A House Divided. Anyway, hope you enjoyed Kendall’s musical and nose-picking talents.

Because Sometimes Kids Like to Sleep in Dad’s Armpit


The latest addition to the Mommy Truths series (which I’ve been having so much fun with lately) is not a “mommy” truth at all, but from a male perspective, courtesy of my new friends over at HowToBeADad.com. They were just listed as one of the Top 50 Dad blogs by Babble.com. Perhaps you are already […]