#Blogher11 Swagapalooza Giveaway

It’s been 4 weeks since Blogher. I still haven’t unpacked.

This comes as no surprise to my husband. It’s a running joke around here that I will leave a bag packed until it just naturally unpacks itself over time, or until he gets so annoyed with it that he does the job himself. I think it was one of those unspoken wedding vows. “Love, honor, cherish (and live with her packed luggage).”

Seeing as how our 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up next month (OMG, I know!), I’m trying to do little things around the house that show just how much I care. Okay, so maybe I still haven’t fully unpacked the luggage, but I’m getting there. And one of the things I must do first is get rid of some of the swag I came home with.

It’s not that this stuff is bad or useless, it’s just that I either have something like it already, or I don’t think I’ll  get around to using it anytime soon. So I’m going to give it to one of you. Here’s a sort of detailed list of what’s included:

Pink sunglasses I wore to the Clever Girls party
An iPhone 4 case
Office supplies
Wipes (they say they’re for sex toys, but I double-dog-dare you to put them in your diaper bag and use them at the mall)
A couple books
A sponge
A $25 Lowes gift card
A $20 McCormick & Schmick gift card
and more

I won the Lowes gift card specifically to give away to a reader when my team won the Lowes Challenge. You can read more about it over at my teammate’s blog, Jenny On The Spot.

The McCormick & Schmick gift card may or may not be usable. It says for use in their dining room, then has the address of their San Diego location. Soooo… you can try to see if your location will honor it. Or, I don’t know, send it to someone in SD.

I would guess the total value of all the stuff is $100+ ish.

The only way to enter to win this bag-o-swag is to sign up for my weekly newsletter. It’s called the Monday Morning Procrastination Club Newsletter, and it goes out, as you may have already guessed, early Monday mornings. It’s a digest of my posts from the last week, plus some other things from around the web that I think are read/watch/time suck worthy. If you like to put stuff off, and like to have things to occupy you before you start your real work Monday mornings, this is for you.

So just go here, sign up, leave a comment letting me know you did so. If you’re one of the 210 people who already have, just let me know. That’s it! I’ll draw a winner with random.org next Friday, September 9th. Open to US residents only. Sorry Canadians. I still love you and you can still sign up for my newsletter!

Entries closed. Congrats to Heather, comment #12, as chosen by Random.org.

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