An Ordinary Day, As Told by 16 Photos

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

8:30 am

Up late for school. A Z Bar for breakfast. A wrinkly (but clean!) shirt on, and we’re out the door.

9:15 am

We ran out of coffee beans, so that meant an urgent trip to Starbucks after school drop off was in order.

10 am

Working from the couch, half naked baby on the floor in front of me. Kathy Lee and Hoda on TV.

11 am

Leyna’s been down for a nap for about 30 minutes now. Scott’s quietly working away in the office. Yes, that is an air compressor on his desk. I don’t know why. I’m done asking questions and dealing with any of his clutter. This is why we don’t share a desk.

12 pm

Leyna is still napping. I think she’s growing. I take advantage of the time by getting some laundry done, answering emails, and screwing around on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s my “desk.” See how nice and uncluttered?
(Sidenote- I’ve had this table since college. It looks like hell, but it’s a solid table that I believe was made by Amish people. I think I might try to refinish it this fall.)

1:15 pm

She wakes.

2 pm

Time to pick Kendall up from school. His teacher told me he had a really good day, and that he rushed to hug his friend and help her up after a kid pushed her over on the playground. We went to Sonic for slushes after that as a reward.

3 pm

Time to tackle the mounds of laundry piling up on the couch and stuff  diapers while the kids watch some Nick Jr.

4 pm

I’ve taken control of the TV for a little DVRd Nate Berkus, so Kendall occupies himself by lining up every ball he can find and “bowling” in the playroom.

5 pm

Leyna’s napping again, and Scott’s done with work. He and Kendall head outside to hit some baseballs. No, that’s not a coffin in our backyard… just a homemade compost bin.

6 pm

Leyna’s up again, so she joins everyone outside. She loves rolling and crawling around the “bounce-aline,” as Kendall calls it. I head inside and make Kendall’s dinner.

7 pm

Bath time.

8 pm

Story Time.

9 pm

Grrrrr… I am so mad. I somehow deleted this picture and couldn’t recover it. Just picture beers and Chipotle burrito bowls on a tray at the couch with a baby, STILL AWAKE, in her jumperoo in the background.

10 pm

A crazy poop-splosion just minutes before made for a tag-team diaper change situation and called for a change of jammies (into some good ol’ hand-me-downs). Then daddy rocked her to sleep.

11 pm

Everyone’s asleep, so it’s time for me to get back to work.

12:30 am

I hate that I’m most productive this time of night. If I could stay up until 2 every night, I’d get so much more done. Oh well, at least I finished one task on my mile-long to-do list. Time for bed so I can get up and start it all over again tomorrow.

There you have an ordinary day in the life of us. Kendall is 3 years 4 months and Leyna is 8.5 months old.

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