Pumpkin-Apple-Smash Purees & Pancakes: Recipes & Giveaway


It’s finally feeling like fall not like August in Texas, and it inspired me to whip up some fall-inspired purees. I call this one Pumpkin-Apple-Smash. I’m super creative like that. We use purees around here for a few things. Leyna still eats them (she actually prefers them to solid food at this point) and I […]

Things I Actually Say, a Vlog

Please tell me I’m not the only one who abuses the term, “I am serious.”

The Real Reason I Don’t Pick Up Before Bed


Kendall is 3 years 5 months,Leyna is 9 months old, and we take security seriously ’round these parts.

Pins I Know Better Than To Try

I love me some Pinterest, that’s already been established. But, there are some pins… quite a few, actually, that when I see them pop up I have to laugh. NOT because I think they’re stupid ideas (okay, some pins are stupid ideas, yes, but that’s not the point of this post), but because they would […]