Thank you to LUNA Protein for providing me a LUNA Protein sample pack to review. The opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint.

Behold! Me, minimal makeup, glasses on, hair not brushed, talking about how I usually start my day. Also featuring a cute baby who’s ready to throw down for one of my Luna protein bars, and who can blame her? They’re delicious and covered in chocolate. (Click through if you’re on my homepage.)

So yeah, yum! I love Luna bars, have for a long time. Whenever I get around to writing a Top 10 New Mom Essentials list, they will definitely be on there.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, the play date went great. The house was moderately clean by the time they got here, I was wired on 1/2 pot of coffee and didn’t eat a single chip.

As promised, there is a giveaway for 5, yes FIVE of you. Each winner will get a sample pack of Luna Protein bars and couple other small surprises. It’s open to US residents only, and I’ll draw the winners with next Friday, September 2nd.

Here’s all you have to do to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me when it’s the hardest for you to fit in a balanced meal. Is it crazy in the morning or do you find yourself skipping lunch? Or maybe you power through dinner just so you can get everyone to bed on time?

You can get additional entries if you do (or have already done) any or all of the following:

2. Sign up for my Monday Morning Procrastination Club Newsletter (great to read while drinking coffee and eating a LUNA bar!)
3. Follow BabyRabies on Twitter
4. Like BabyRabies on Facebook

Please leave a separate comment for each entry and allow time for moderation before retrying.

Please click here to learn more about LUNA Protein. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective All opinions are my own. #cleverLUNA

213 thoughts on “Better Than A Bag Of Chips”

  1. I’m safe at lunchtime but in the evenings, my time gets crazy-crunched and I end up snack-eating all night! Instead of having a nice, filling, healthy meal I jump from one little tidbit to the next. Not good!

  2. Lunch is the worst! I use my “lunch hour” to pump for my girls, so I end up eating at my desk while really means that elevinty bazillion people can pop on by and then look concerned that I’m eating, but still ask a stupid question as my leftover spaghetti gets cold. And what is worse than cold spaghetti? nothing. that’s right. nothing. i also like you on FB. 🙂

  3. I find that it’s hardest to eat a balanced meal at breakfast. I usually get something down, but I would much rather it be from all 4 food groups instead of just 1!

  4. My hardest “food” time of the day is definitely breakfast- between making breakfast & sometimes lunches too, I’m repacking diaper bags, packing school bags, & tidying up the kitchen before we leave the house, wiping off faces, putting on clothes, etc. I’m lucky if I grab something for myself on the way out the door. Oh & my “morning coffee” is usually consumed at naptime at 2pm- which is actually when I need it the most…

  5. I always have a hard time with lunch. By the time I get the kids fed, down for naps, the house cleaned up, they have woken back up and I have forgotten to eat!

  6. I also follow you on Twitter!

    I really hope to win! I am in the middle of my weight loss journey. I have lost 25 pounds, with 25 left to go, and I am training for a half marathon to run this December (the White Rock half) I think the Luna bars would be perfect for me!

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  • I always keep teething oil in my bag these days. He has FOUR top teeth trying to come through. 😫I try not to stick dirty fingers in his mouth, especially right after I pump gas. 🤢So I also keep some @handzies soap and water wipes with me. #inmypurse
  • On our way to get the other three. We really loved spoiling Wallace this week and living that one baby life for a bit. I think he's bored of us now, though.
  • So thankful for my mom who has the energy and patience to not only watch these three but to take them to the beach all by herself. Like, that's not even something I'd attempt. She's such a badass.
  • Oh yes we did turn this #joovyspoon into a #stlblues mobile! I'm in love with the idea of personalizing one of our fav baby things this way! Must confess it was Scott's idea, but I ran with it and came up with some other ideas in today's blog post. PLUS!!! @joovy is giving away one Spoon walker (US only). Link in bio!
  • Managed to distract him from his fever for a bit with some snacks and a spoon in the Nook highchair @joovy sent. It folds up super compact so I'm hopeful it will work well in the RV. #joovynook
  • Of course he'd get his first fever the week we sent the other three to NaNa's and planned to be super productive. #babydontcare we have a house to sell. Snuggles come first. ❤
  • Arlo grew a little.
  • Another day, another house, another nap. Nothing, not even NaNa, can keep him from his love for sleep from 3-5 pm. #loloyolo
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