Always In My Refrigerator: Greek Yogurt

Let me put this out there to begin with- I’m not posing as any sort of foodie here. I’m not claiming I know my way around a kitchen enough to produce anything requiring more than 5 ingredients. It’s just that it occurred to me last night that we use Greek yogurt a lot. It’s a weird, random tidbit I thought I’d share on here for 2 reasons:

1. Because I used to be afraid of the Greek yogurt, I figured there might be a few of you who are afraid of it right now, and it’s nothing to be afraid of.

2. Because it’s a small, random tidbit I can blog while my children are down for the first nap they’ve taken at the same time in 5 days.

So yes, we always have Greek yogurt in the refrigerator. Specifically,  we have this kind…

Why yes, that IS a splat of mystery food stuck to the wall of my refrigerator.
Aren’t you so glad I invited you into this little piece of my world? 

Because, while I love this particular brand, many other kinds of Greek yogurt taste like ass to me. This one, though? Not ass-like at all, and it’s very, very thick. Don’t give me your runny “Greek” yogurt and try to pass it off on me, okay?

We’re not just up in here making parfaits every day with it either. Here are 5 ways we use Greek yogurt:

1. In place of sour cream- I’m basically obsessed with tacos right now, and no taco is complete without sour cream. This Greek yogurt, I swear to you, is just as yummy. Plus, then I don’t feel the need to scarf down a whole tub of sour cream before it goes bad. (Since you can substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream, but sour cream parfaits are pretty awful.)

2. To thicken up homemade mac & cheese, or (let’s be real here) add to box mac & cheese- That powdery cheese mix that comes with box mac & cheese is a joke, so I usually add a couple handfuls of real cheese to it and a heaping spoonful of Greek yogurt to give it some more creamy, cheesy goodness.

3. Semi-homeade baby food- I like to mix in either a defrosted cube of homemade baby purees or half a pouch of something like Ella’s Kitchen or Plum Organics purees with a small bowl of Greek yogurt for Leyna. She gobbles it up and it makes her purees last longer.

4. As a mayo substitute in a pinch- I’ve slathered it on bread for avocado sandwiches before and even mixed it in with some tuna salad. Not too terrible.

5. And yes, parfaits- One of Kendall’s favorite snacks for the last 2 years has been Greek yogurt, topped with berries, nuts, and honey. It’s one thing he hasn’t grown out of loving yet.

Yogurt-face Kendall at 18ish months old

Do not be afraid of the Greek yogurt, my friends! It is a versatile, protein packed tub o’ deliciousness. Have any other uses for it to share?

No, this post was not sponsored by Greek yogurt. It was brought to you by my good friend Random Tid Bitty.