Actually made these… all by myself! They look all gourmet and tricky, right?


They are not. They are delicious and simple, and everyone in this house gobbled them up. Kendall called them bacon cupcakes. If you like bacon and eggs and toast, you should make them (recipe here). We had them for dinner. We’re big rule breakers like that.

Today is Kendall’s last day of summer session at his Mother’s Day Out program. He has a 3 week break (WHYYYYYY????), and then he starts official preschool (K3) in the fall. PRESCHOOL! Before I know it he’ll be starting Kindergarten, and then he’s off to the prom, and then he’s abandoning me for college. I loved this idea I saw on Pinterest a while back, so this morning, after I dropped him off, I went to the bookstore and picked up their last copy of this book.

The idea, originally fromΒ Lisa’s WorkshopΒ is to get his teachers, principals, coaches, etc. to sign it and write messages in it every year, then to
give it to him at high school graduation. Awww! Love it. So I’m going to get his summer school teachers to write in it today, and I’m going to
get his 2 year old class teachers to, too, since they’re right across the hall. I hope I can keep up with it!


8 thoughts on “Pin(s) Of The Week- Bacon Cupcakes and School Year Memories”

  1. I have seen the book idea and it’s so cute. Never thought of that. My oldest is more than halfway through school. Still got the two little ones though. I did manage to get a totally awesome picture of my oldest last year that I’ll never ever get to do with any of my children again. Well, that might not be true. When my daughter graduated from elementary school though I was able to get a picture of her with all of her teachers Kindergarten through 5th grade. One group shot of them together. That means a lot to me and to her. I won’t be able to do it with my 2nd daughter because we moved to a different school district and she started a new school this past year. It was an important move though. And I have pictures of her with each of her teachers at the start of the school year and end of the school year so if I can keep it up perhaps a nice school days scrapbook for the two big girls when they graduate :). Although, middle school pictures I do not have.

  2. i saw this and thought it was a GREAT idea… of course, I didnt run out and buy the book. I might need to. 2 copies, since both the boys are already in school. Luckily for me- Grady goes to Gavins preschool, so I can get Gavins preschool teachers to retro date their entry πŸ˜‰ AND gavin has the same teacher this year for first grade as he did for kinder! YAY!

  3. I’m going to go ahead and say my husband will worship my feet if I make those. Thanks for the recipe. I’m totally going to rock his face off with these!

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  • He demands cuddle time. Always has. It's inconvenient some days, but he's not about to let himself get lost in the shuffle. I'm glad he reminds me to slow down. #loloyolo
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  • Arlo chose Kendall when he was just 8 weeks old. They have a special bond. Looking forward to reuniting them after our RV trip around the country. Until then, Arlo is going to an amazing foster family who has promised to send us lots of pictures and updates.
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  • Meanwhile, this one turns 4 in 5 days. 😭😭😭 #timeisanasshole
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  • He always comes home in the middle of nap time and climbs in bed with us.
  • I always keep teething oil in my bag these days. He has FOUR top teeth trying to come through. 😫I try not to stick dirty fingers in his mouth, especially right after I pump gas. 🀒So I also keep some @handzies soap and water wipes with me. #inmypurse
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