Pin Of The Week- Thinking 1st Birthday Party

ALREADY? I know, I know, but hear me out. It’s less than 6 months away.

My baby is closer to turning one than to the day she was born. Crazy. Just crazy. (OH! And as of 3 hours ago, she has her first tooth!)

And so, since the last half of the year is most definitely the crazier half, always, I know I need to start planning for things like the holidays and a very special little girl’s first birthday. Don’t worry, I’m not to the psychotic stage of Party Planning Psychosis yet. Just in the planning stage, just collecting and pinning inspiration pictures (and putting them on their very own 1st birthday inspiration board).

I fell in love with rainbow themed parties when I blogged this on over at Party Like a Kid. Now, I think I would love to do a rainbow theme in the dead of winter, December 28th, because why not do something so cheerful and bright then? Of course, things could always change, and my ideas will evolve, but I’m toying with rainbow colors on lots of white, incorporating buttons somehow (they’re about as trendy on Pinterest right now as mason jars, so I may be annoyed by┬áthem come the end of the year… or maybe I’ll have mason jars full of buttons?).

I’ve always loved those multicolored layered cakes, but who am I kidding? I suck at making cakes. These cookies? I can do.


Heck, I may even try them this summer. I think Kendall will love them!

Have any other rainbow, winter, button-y ideas for me?

I think I have a couple people who posted last week still waiting for Pinterest invites. I’m off to take care of them now. If you’d like one, go ahead and leave your email in the comment section below. And thanks to those of you who’ve been helping me send everyone an invite/ Happy pinning!