Sometimes A Drink Isn’t What You Need

Credit BluDoor Studios

I love wine. I used to simply really like wine, but then I had kids. Now? Love. I drink it, I take vacations to where some of it comes from, I take pictures of it, I take pictures with it…   Credit BluDoor Studios It’s widely known in my circle and beyond that a glass […]

Photography Progress Report: Ready For The Next Phase!


Remember how I told you all about Beyond Snapshots? Well, I’m halfway through the class, and I am loving the new confidence I have with my camera! I’ve had my Canon T2i on manual for over 2 weeks now, and I finally had an AHA! moment last week about the exposure triangle. NOW, it makes […]

Milkstars Nursing Top Review & Giveaway


As much as I love breastfeeding (I really do this time around), it’s a hard thing to do in the summer heat of Texas. And you know what makes it even worse? FREAKING COVERS. Ugh. I actually sort of hate my cover now. I really don’t use it anymore. That said, personally, I like to […]

Pin Of The Week- Thinking 1st Birthday Party

ALREADY? I know, I know, but hear me out. It’s less than 6 months away. My baby is closer to turning one than to the day she was born. Crazy. Just crazy. (OH! And as of 3 hours ago, she has her first tooth!) And so, since the last half of the year is most […]