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Pin(s) Of The Week- Bacon Cupcakes and School Year Memories

Actually made these… all by myself! They look all gourmet and tricky, right? Pinterest Via They are not.View full post »


BornFree Sends me to #Blogher11, A Giveaway, And GLITTER!

It’s that time of year again, when I get to abandon my children with my husband and escape to a place where other womenView full post »


Tame Your Kid’s Clutter! DIY Rubber Band Memo Board

This is the year of the organized me! Or, the *trying to GET* organized me, at least. It’s a work in progress. Somedays I forget toView full post »


Pin Of The Week: Mop Romper

Now that Leyna is becoming increasingly mobile on these hardwood floors, this is looking less and less crazy. Source: dailydawdle.comView full post »


Sometimes A Drink Isn’t What You Need

I love wine. I used to simply really like wine, but then I had kids. Now? Love. I drink it, I take vacations to where some of it comesView full post »


Photography Progress Report: Ready For The Next Phase!

Remember how I told you all about Beyond Snapshots? Well, I’m halfway through the class, and I am loving the new confidence I haveView full post »


Milkstars Nursing Top Review & Giveaway

As much as I love breastfeeding (I really do this time around), it’s a hard thing to do in the summer heat of Texas. And you knowView full post »


Pin Of The Week- Thinking 1st Birthday Party

ALREADY? I know, I know, but hear me out. It’s less than 6 months away. My baby is closer to turning one than to the day she wasView full post »


“When Life Returns To Normal…”

“I’ll get the house organized again eventually. We’ll get our closet cleaned out and those maternity clothes packed awayView full post »


Snap With What You’ve Got

Last summer, I attended a photography session at Blogher where the lovely Rachel Devine kept emphasizing that the best camera to have isView full post »


Pin Of The Week- Homemade Teething Biscuits & Baby Led Weaning?

Now that the boob machine is 6 months old, it’s time to start feeding her “real” food, I guess. Not that I’mView full post »


If Only Pictures Were Scratch & Squish

After Kendall was born, the first and only thing I could think upon laying eyes on him  as he laid on my chest and stared right at me was,View full post »


Make Haste Like A Mother

There are certain superpowers that come with motherhood, like that sixth sense that tells you when the stretch of silence has lasted just aView full post »