Sick Note & Pin of The Week

I’m going to write this post in bullet points because it’s all my brain, which is drowning in mucous, can process.

1. I am very sick

2. This, of course, timed itself PERFECTLY to ruin the one and only date night (for sushi!) Scott and I have planned in many, many moons. We had a babysitter and everything!

3. Leyna had a double ear infection over the weekend. I blame her for getting me sick. Don’t worry. I’ll forgive her… eventually.

4. Oh yes, I also felt really bad for her. It was sort of sad to see her laying  in the ER on Sunday morning.

5. She is fine now. She is 22.5 lbs as of yesterday’s well baby visit.  She is also 6 months old as of Tuesday.

6. I KNOW, RIGHT??  That was, like, the fastest 6 months ever, proving my point that your perception of time as a parent is dependent on how much your baby screams and sleeps. The first 6 months of Kendall’s life was like a f-ing eternity.

7. I planned to show a picture of her and her daddy on his birthday and her half birthday (how cute that they share that!), but, you know, the mucous and the aches and the chills are preventing me from mustering up the energy to download pictures. I give you this, instead.


Fascinated by the bubblegum bubbles

8. I also planned to blog this week about these cute momma and baby bunnies I made from 4 swaddling blankets (similar to Mr. Elephant). They are seriously adorable and easy. Here’s hoping I don’t die from the plague and feel well enough to blog them next week.

9. Pin of the week- I don’t really have the energy to go back through all the pins from the last week, but this one seems to fit the bill just fine, and I just saw it this morning.

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

Original source here

10. Laughing makes my head hurt.

Kendall is 3 years 2ish months, Leyna is 6 months old