Not To Be Outdone By His Sister

There’s been lots of Leyna love on here lately. It’s easy to wax poetic about a chubby, nearly always happy baby who’s not yet mobile (although she did manage to get that rump all the way over and officially roll on her own for the first time yesterday!). And many of you may be thinking I choose not to share much about the terrorist on here these days because, perhaps, he’s holding me against my will. It might seem I have nothing but more stories of the Toddler Colic that could possibly scare you all into celibacy, and since I do think the propagation of the human species is pretty important, I’ve decided not to divulge such tales.

Not true.

He’s, of course, still forever the tiny negotiator, suffers from frequent Toddler Colic spells, and makes me want to yell every day out of pure frustration. But, he is also HILARIOUS. And kind. And thoughtful. And smart. And talented. You know, when he’s not driving me nuts.

And BIG. Did I mention that?

Sometimes I think people push buttons the most on people they love the most. If that’s true,  it’s clear that I am most certainly his absolute favorite person. Ever. He’s momma’s boy in almost every way, but he idolizes his father more and more every day.

Scott started playing in a weekend softball league a couple months ago, and now Kendall has a rapidly growing obsession with all things baseball. He takes himself to the back yard every morning for a little self-imposed batting practice. Now, I’m no baseball fan, and of course I’m biased, but I would guess his practice is paying off. Seems better at hitting the ball than I could ever be!

He tells us often that he wants to “be a real BIG baseball man!” Perhaps he’s on the right track.

I was going through some older posts last night and re-read/watched the “fwiends” post from late last summer. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s one of my absolute favorites, and apparently a lot of my readers’ favorite. I couldn’t get over just how much he’s already grown in not even a year. He does, in fact, play with “fwiends” that live on our street these days. Not all the time, but he’s working on keeping up with them when I’ll let him.

I just can’t believe he went from this…

to this in a year…

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the kid is fearless.

So it’s not that I don’t have plenty of stories to tell, I just haven’t had much time to share them because I’m too busy keeping him contained and fetching baseballs for him… and, yeah, putting him in timeout every now and then.

Kendall is 3 years 1 month, and I’m not saying it’s getting “better” it’s just evolving. Leyna is 5 months old.

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  1. Such a big boy! I feel like I will always feel the guilt when I write about one boy and not the other or vice versa. I guess that’s the breaks when you’re a mom to 2+


  2. HA! I love that me and the Mouse are in the background of that pool picture from last year!!

    And I know exactly what you mean … I feel like I talk about the Froggy WAY more than the Mouse these days. But you’re right … they are SUCH a fun age right now. So thoughtful, and sweet, and TALKATIVE! 🙂

  3. Dude. How do you produce these kids when you can fit into my diaper bag?

    Also? “Fwiends” was one of my absolute favorite posts & when I see Harry toddling up the sidewalk, I always think of it with a little ache in my heart for the 2010 version of Kendall.

    • I was a very, very large baby, too. My husband’s family is terrified of the giant babies we produce, I think, but they get it from their momma 😉

  4. “Evolving” that’s a great word to describe this period of Toddler/Pre-School Terror. They evolve, you evolve & your patience {hopefully} evolves with it.

  5. The “fwiends” post from last year made me tear up. I’m glad to hear he’s able to keep up with them this time.

    Maybe all this button pushing and baseball fetching will pay out someday when he’s keeping you comfy with his MLB player’s salary.

  6. Reading this about Kendall and how he’s growing up makes my heart go pitter-patter and then plummet into my toes at the thought that Joshua’s growing up, too.

    I think I have to go cry now.

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