Momma’s Sweater

Kendall doesn’t have just one special blankie these days. He has about 6. I affectionately call him my little blanket hoarder.

Usually at least one blanket makes it with us for every long car ride… usually. A few months back, though, we were out and about, running errands all day, breezing through nap time. He was whining from the back of the car, begging for a blankie. I knew the kid was on the verge of passing out, but we were all going to hear about it if we didn’t produce a blankie for him pronto.

So I took off my sweater and handed it to him, only half expecting that to work. Luck was on our side, and he conked out moments later, sweater half over his face and balled up in his hands. When we moved him to his room at home, the sweater came with him. And there it has stayed.

My sweater is now blankie #7. When he’s sad or hurt he requests “momma’s sweater.” When he’s still groggy eyed in the morning, he drags it out with him to the couch and cuddles next to me as I sip my coffee. And at night, when we cover him with all his other blankies, he giddily requests that “momma’s sweater” be piled on top of him last.

I would ask for it back, but he already pulled off a button… and, well, it looks better on him anyway.

Kendall is 3 years 1 month and Leyna is 5.5 months old

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  1. My now 12yo daughter latched on to a pink silk nightie of mine when she was little. Imagine having to run every errand with a toddler in tow telling every person we come in contact with…”I got my momma’s nightie.

  2. When I was nursing, I became an expert at removing my shirt from my body while still holding a sleeping baby so they wouldn’t wake up when I laid them down. Ever since then, both my kids sleep in “mama shirts” as jammies more often than not. They’re 6 and 2. It’s adorable. I love it.

  3. Somehow we escaped the blankie drama. I think it was b/c I was so paranoid about them after they drill the “don’t put your babies to bed with blankies at birth” nonsense. Only recently, Wee ‘Burb, has been taking to wanting her pacifier (at 19 mos) so I’m trying to teach her to calm herself with toys instead. So now we have a very dirty, very sad looking doggie puppet called “Woof Woof” (b/c we’re clever like that). I need to order at least 10 more for emergencies like yours b/c I don’t think my shirt will do 🙂

    Great story, cute picture.

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