Go The F**K to Sleep, Now With Samuel L. Jackson Awesomeness!

Just saw this most amazing piece of news travel across my Facebook feed and had to run here and tell the world!

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the F word. Sometimes, there is just no other word in any language that so accurately conveys my emotion at that moment.

Kendall is at the age when the bedtime battle has reached EPIC proportions. And this book? Well, it had me at the F word in the title, and I figured someday I’d get around to buying it, but I can’t resist it’s hilarity any longer. Not when you tell me it’s now narrated by SAMUEL L. JACKSON and is a FREE download on Audible.com.

Folks, not a single PR person sent this info to me, I’m not paid for this, nor do I get any sort of kickback from the downloads. I simply had to come and tell each and every one of you that if the F word speaks to your heart like it does to mine, especially in times of incredible frustration and insanity brought on by small children who will not Go the F**K to Sleep, then download this. Download it now. Snakes on a wha??? THIS is Samuel L. Jackson’s finest work ever.

(Obviously this isn’t something you should listen to at work if the F word is not welcome there. If it is, you should blast this across the intercom and prepare for mass chaos brought on by the peeing of many pants.)

Kendall is 3 years old, Leyna is 5.5 months, and they are actually both f-ing sleeping right now.

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  1. Thank you for this little gem that just brightened my day. I just downloaded it and can’t wait until my daughter actually goes the f**k to sleep tonight so that Hubs and I can listen to it without worrying that she’ll start dropping f-bombs. This is pure awesomeness.

  2. Lauren Krause on

    I about pissed my pants when I first read this over my e-mail, so happy to have the Samuel L Jackson version!!

  3. After hearing about this book for a couple weeks now, I also knew I wanted to check it out. You know, eventually. I just downloaded that shit and played it for my husband. So awesome.

  4. Samuel L. Jackson is the shit. Some one needs to get him to say “I’ve had it with these mother-effing babies not going to mother-effing sleep”. I’d make it my ringtone.

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