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Sick Note & Pin of The Week

I’m going to write this post in bullet points because it’s all my brain, which is drowning in mucous, can process. 1. IView full post »


Pin Of The Week: Insanely Easy Nap Mat

Take 5 pillowcases, sew them together. Nothing special, just a straight line needed. Stuff with 5 pillows (you’ll probably wantView full post »


Letters From The Future I Wish I Sent

Dear  first-time-mom-Jill, Try not to be such a super mom. Try not to read every book and have all the milestones memorized the monthView full post »


Turn Swaddling Blankets Into An Elephant

I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’ve seen plenty of pictures of those cute animals cruise ship teams make out of towels, andView full post »


Moms, if this father is your partner, wake the hell up.

With Father’s Day this weekend, so many of us have big plans to thank that very special man in our kids lives. But what if your kidsView full post »


Pin Of The Week- Ruffle Fabric

Remember how I made ALL of Leyna’s bedding for her nursery (now known as The Very Fancy Room For Changing Diapers)? And remember howView full post »


My Tips For Preparing For #Blogher11

In the last few days my Twitter stream and Facebook feed have been blowing up with Blogher news and announcements. I can’t believeView full post »


Go The F**K to Sleep, Now With Samuel L. Jackson Awesomeness!

Just saw this most amazing piece of news travel across my Facebook feed and had to run here and tell the world! It’s no secret that IView full post »


Momma’s Sweater

Kendall doesn’t have just one special blankie these days. He has about 6. I affectionately call him my little blanketView full post »


A Post About Poop And Popcorn

I’m just going to be up front. This post is entirely about baby poop. Yup! Total mommy blogger up in this place today. I’mView full post »


Pin(s) Of The Week

This one wins for making me think the most this week and actually inspiring me to make a bigView full post »


Karma, Meet Kendall. Kendall, Meet Karma.

For the first 3, 4, 7?? months of Kendall’s life he screamed nearly non-stop while riding in the car. (Time frames are non-exactView full post »


Earth Day Everyday! Fuzzibunz Giveaway

This giveaway for a limited edition FuzziBunz Earth Day diaper was supposed to happen back, you know, around Earth Day, but then we toreView full post »


Not To Be Outdone By His Sister

There’s been lots of Leyna love on here lately. It’s easy to wax poetic about a chubby, nearly always happy baby who’sView full post »


Pin Of The Week- Not Crafty At All, But I Feel This Way About Pregnancy Tests

This one is likely not going to inspire you to craft or create or organize, but it definitely made me think, “That is SOView full post »