I’m recycling a blog post this morning. I wrote it when Kendall was the age Leyna is now. I have the SAME struggle with Leyna and the exersaucer or jumperoo every day. Darn those fat, wiggly babies!

A Not So Fun Game We Play Every Day

Mommy needs to pee/clean/brush her teeth/have a moment to chillax… here, hop around/spin around in your Jumperoo/Exersaucer for  a few minutes.  Wheee!  It will be fun!  Here we are now, hovering over your fun-time device.  Let’s see… if I move just a little more to the right…yup… you should be lined up right over those two big leg holes… annnnnddd down we go.  Wait…ugh… stop wiggling!  Can you please pause the jumping motion until you are actually engaged in the device?  Back up, re-position, try again.  What?  Why are you screaming?  Oh yes, I see.  Your big toe is in your armpit.  *Sigh*  Back up, re-position (man, I REALLY have to pee now), try again.  Uhmm… hello??!!  There will be time to play with the toys when you finally get in.  Cooperate, little man!  I can not see over your chubby behind to line you up with the leg holes when you are reaching over in an effort to make out with your dinosaur puppet from mid-air.  Grab you by the midsection with one hand, use other hand to manually insert each flailing leg into each leg hole, one leg at a time, while trying to avoid a swift kick to the nose and thanking God you’ve got some killer head control.  Success!!

This routine never gets any easier.

Kendall will be 5 months in 3 days

And now he’s 3 and Leyna is 5 months old today

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5 thoughts on “Different Baby, Same Exact Blog Post”

  1. I just read “mommy needs a moment to chillax” and thought it said “moment to climax”!! LOL Been there!!

  2. My Lorelai is going to be 8 months in a week and even though she is a skinny, long drink of water, we still play the “get the baby leg into the hole!” Drives me crazy.

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  • Does bedtime change during the summer? Or does it stay the same all year? 🌙
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  • You don’t get paid for this. You do it because you’re a dad, and that’s just what dads do. #happyfathersday2018
  • So grateful to have a partner who picks up what I drop, kisses the booboos I miss, reads the bedtime stories I have to work through, and loves our kids in ways I aspire to. Happy Fathers Day to him and all the dads who are doing this exhausting and exhilarating thing called parenthood 💖
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  • Lately Wallace has been jumping right in to everything we’re doing. He wants to watch movies with us, play ball, wrestle, eat Takis 🤣 and everything else. I forgot how much I love this stage. I think maybe it gets more fun the more kids you have. You really can not tell him he’s not a big kid. He’s not having any of that nonsense. (And yeah, he loves him some spicy Takis.) (This is totally one of those pics that looks like they swapped legs!)