Look At Me! I’m An Ostrich! #NintendoEnthused

I’m burying my head in the sand right now. I’m ignoring the fact that in less than 24 hours I will be in Seattle… by myself.

Well, not *really* by myself. I’ll be there with a whole bunch of other Nintendo Ambassadors for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, but I will be there without my husband, without my toddler, and without my baby.

You know? The one who relies on me for 100% of her nourishment? The one who empties my boobs every few hours? The one who was only born 3 months ago? She is going to be half way across the country from me.

::excuse me while I take a minute to breathe through the anxiety::

When Nintendo invited me to this launch last month, I was over the moon thrilled. At first, I figured I’d bring Leyna with me and ask my sister-in-law, who lives up there, to babysit for me, but just thinking about all that would entail made things seem very complicated. I’d have to either bring pumped milk with me or pump enough when I got there to leave with her while I was out, and, after reviewing my packed itinerary, I realized I’d be out a lot. Then there was the whole stress of bringing her on a plane with me and packing the baby gear.

I briefly contemplated retracting my acceptance to the event, but my husband encouraged me to go. He will watch both the kids, he assured me. They will ALL be fine without me, he promised. “Go, have fun, enjoy the break,” he said.

And so he will. And so I am.

The freezer is full of pumped milk, and I’ll be bringing along my Hygeia Enjoye double electric pump to maintain my supply while I’m gone. I’m trying to decide on a bag that I can carry through Nintendo HQ that’s big enough to fit my pump in without screaming, “LOOK OUT! LACTATING MOTHER COMING THROUGH!”

Picking out my wardrobe is overwhelming, but I get the added perk of not having to plan my outfits around easy access to the boobs. It will be difficult, though, to make myself take pumping breaks. I’m thinking I’ll set timers on my phone to go off every 3 hours during the day to remind myself (or maybe I can get away with every 4-5 if I pump both sides at once?).

I still have no clue what I’m going to do with the milk once it’s pumped. I hate to think of dumping all of that, but I also hate to think of the hassle of bringing it all home. This trip is already stressing me out more than I’d like it to, and I think I’d feel better if I allow myself to un-complicate things a bit and not worry about the logistics of storing and traveling home with a cooler of breastmilk. We’ll see. I may dump the stuff I pump while out, and keep the stuff I pump at the hotel as a compromise.

I’ve been avoiding actually getting ready for this trip all week. I don’t know why. I really am quite excited about it. I’ve never been to Seattle, the launch is going to freaking rock. I’m hoping to see my brother and sister-in-law there, and I can’t wait to see Nintendo HQ and be a part of the fun and tell you all about it when I get back. It’s just… deep down… well, I’m a mom, and I worry, and of course, I feel like nobody in this house can survive without me, which I get is ridiculously egotistical on my part.

I’m sure Scott will be fine. The kids will be fine. Everyone will be happy when I get home. Nothing disastrous will have happened.  I must admit, though, the last reaction I want to hear from Scott when I get home was that everything was “easy.” Because, for me, 2.5 days by myself with both the kids leaves me wanting a one way ticket to a tropical island or a treatment center. I sort of hope he experiences just an ounce of that same frazzled feeling. I’m a mean wife like that.

So, here I sit. It’s nap time and I really must start packing, but instead I’m blogging. I should color my hair, but I’ll probably return some emails. I should coordinate all my details and print out itineraries, but I’ll probably work on this yarn wreath I’ve been making. (Note- none of my distractions involve cleaning this house. Procrastination doesn’t work that way for me.) And then, sometime around 10 tonight, I’ll probably be an emotional, ridiculous, bitchy mess getting everything together.

It’s probably best that way. Then everyone will be really happy to see me leave.

I leave you all with a question- What would you wear for such an event when the temps in Seattle are in the 50s and rain is predicted the entire time I’m there? I was thinking some boots over my new Yummie Tummie leggings (wheee!! skinny!!!) and some sort of top with my jean jacket??? But, alas, I am fashion clueless and am open to all suggestions. Also, there will be a night we go out to a fancy dinner. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself.

I guess I need to give some disclosure on this post. Nintendo is sending me to Seattle for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS at no cost to me. I’ll be blogging and tweeting about it as I see fit.