Life’s Too Crazy To Blog About It, But I’m Taking Pics Everyday

Hello there! I’m still alive. We all are. Hooray!

That said, I’m a hot mess (and a hairy beast with unruly eyebrows), and normally awake from 3-5 am. I rarely manage to get my teeth brushed before 3 pm, and I can’t shake this smell of sour breastmilk/spit up that follows me everywhere because no matter how much I change clothes and shower, my boobs are still leaking a gallon of milk an hour and Leyna is always ready to douse me in another round of baby puke, which always finds it’s way down my cleavage and into the cups of my bra. Always.

Sooo… good thing this blog isn’t powered by smell-o-vision?

Anyway, all that whining is supposed to be my lead up to the big ol’ “I don’t really have time to blog right now” excuse. It’s not that I don’t have things to tell you all, because boy, I do. It’s quite cruel, the amount of material I have amounts to about 1,000x the time I actually have to write it down.

The only thing I’ve been decent about keeping up with (other than laundry… I WILL kick laundry in the ass), is my 365 photo project. I’ve posted a picture a day over at my Tumblr blog since the beginning of the year. So if you’re missing me and wondering what we’re up to, feel free to hop over there. I’ll warn you, it’s 99% full of pictures of my children, but they are adorable, so you really shouldn’t complain. I was quite tempted to photograph and blog about the rash I had a couple weeks ago, but figured I didn’t really want to document that. I’d much rather forget it ever happened.

If I’m going to keep up with this 365 project, though, I’m going to have to admit that there will be some days I might just have to photograph the piles of dirty dishes on the counters or crayon scribbles on the wall because… well, that’s my life some days.

Speaking of photography, I haven’t had a ton of time to become a master of my camera just yet, but I read through my camera books while I’m nursing Leyna, and I’ve learned so much by lurking on the forums and browsing the tutorials over at!

If you’re looking to buff up and learn more about photography, I highly recommend them. is an online forum all about photography, both for professionals AND beginners like me. It’s an incredibly supportive online community and I’m so inspired by all the talent! They are running a special and now through January 31st you can get 10% off any subscription to their site with the code FRIEND. I signed up for the 6 month subscription and am so hooked I”m pretty sure I’ll be upgrading with a lifetime membership when I can. If you’d like, you can sign up here using my affiliate link (and I’ll love you forever for buying me a much needed coffee!).

Let me know if you do and tell me your screen name so I can say hi if I see you over there!

That’s all for my drive by update. I promise to come back and update you all on life as a mother of two, including one very challenging 2 year old big brother, as soon as I can make the time, but now I must get back to the fussy newborn and find time to shove some dinner in my face.

Kendall is 2 2/3 and Leyna is 3 weeks old.

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  1. wow. I remember those days. I think I’m still taking naps to recover. We can compare piles of laundry. Though I have no newborn excuse.

  2. Thanks for reminding me there are diapers in the washer that need to go in the dryer… that would have been gross to wake up to in the morning!

  3. My 5 week old has a tendency to spit up down the front of while I’m burping him and manages to get into my belly button all.the.time. Not a good feeling. I feel your pain there.

  4. I do believe there are recipes out there for ice cream made from breast milk. There was a chef in France or something that made breastmilk cheese!

    And I LOVE the shot from today! The composition is striking!

  5. Hi Jill..long time follower…since your early days in DC area 🙂 I’m a fellow CMer too 🙂 Glad you found your way over there…wealth of information!! Hope to see you around there 🙂

  6. Saw your 365… when bouncy seat hits heaven… check out the 4moms Mamaroo, that thing is amazing! (Youtube it for videos)

  7. I’m amazed at how much you have been able to get online and share updates in the first place. I expected complete radio silence. 😉 I know I was in no shape to be blogging or Facebooking or tweeting in those early days – with just one child! This period goes quickly. Take time to enjoy it, and also to take care of yourself. You know we’ll all still be here when things calm down.

    Also? You just brought back memories of my hubby feeding me while I sat at the table w/a baby on my boob. No matter when I would sit down to eat, she would decide she had to do the same that very moment. LOL

  8. I have a 7 month old & a 3 1/2 year old so I 100% understand what your life entails at this moment. It does get easier & time goes by faster than it did the first time around. 🙂

  9. You are doing so so very wonderful Jill. The fact that you have even done anything on line is amazing! If you need to take a week off from the on line world, your biggest fans will totally understand. Go mama!

  10. Jill, your blog post about “Dimples Cupcakes” caught my eye and I began to read the whole backstory. Out of curiosity I visited “Dimples Cupcakes”‘s website and was surprised to find that they have closed all of their locations. They also have a link to a site that was supposed to launch Jan. 15th, but hasn’t yet. I thought you might be curious to see the topics they intend to discuss on this new website:

    Anyway, maybe you already know all about this, idk. I just thought that if you didn’t know you would probably want to considering your back history with this nutcase.


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