The Bright Side Is… I Look 8?

Last night was rough. Not  a lot of sleeping going on for any of us (except the newborn… I’m not even going to tell you all how well she sleeps for fear of death threats and bombs sent to my doorstep). So Starbucks was a necessity while we were out this morning. Before braving the […]

Olive Bungalow Jewelry Giveaway!


I love jewelry that has significance. Throughout my teen years, I wore a charm bracelet daily, collecting new charms for each milestone in my young life. I even wore it often in my early twenties, but I had to put it away once I had Kendall. It’s just not practical to be wearing a floppy […]

Beware The Toddler Colic


This is the update I know so many of you are waiting on- the “How Is The Toddler Adapting,” post. I’ll be honest, I hesitate to type this. You think my birth stories are terrifying? My recovery stories are great birth control? Ha! This may be worse. I was thinking of holding off, seeing if […]

Self-Checkout < Sleep Deprived Toddler On A Sugar High

It’s a Sunday. It’s a playoff game day. I know better than to attempt to grocery shop on days like this, but we needed beer and I needed a break from every breathing thing in this house. I aimlessly wandered through the packed aisles, indulging in many impulse buys. I headed toward the front of […]