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The Bright Side Is… I Look 8?

Last night was rough. Not  a lot of sleeping going on for any of us (except the newborn… I’m not even going to tell youView full post »


Olive Bungalow Jewelry Giveaway!

I love jewelry that has significance. Throughout my teen years, I wore a charm bracelet daily, collecting new charms for eachView full post »


Beware The Toddler Colic

This is the update I know so many of you are waiting on- the “How Is The Toddler Adapting,” post. I’ll be honest, IView full post »


Self-Checkout < Sleep Deprived Toddler On A Sugar High

It’s a Sunday. It’s a playoff game day. I know better than to attempt to grocery shop on days like this, but we needed beer andView full post »


I Wish *I* Had An Office To Escape To

Scott’s been home with us ever since the day I had Leyna, nearly 4 weeks. He goes back to work on Monday and was bemoaning his returnView full post »


Life’s Too Crazy To Blog About It, But I’m Taking Pics Everyday

Hello there! I’m still alive. We all are. Hooray! That said, I’m a hot mess (and a hairy beast with unruly eyebrows), andView full post »


The Rest of The Story, Take 2

I firmly believe one of the least discussed parts of the whole pregnancy, childbirth, becoming a mom experience is the part that followsView full post »


I Found Some Kind of Fairy Tale

Life as a family of four is turning out to be quite the blissful existence. Sure, I know we still have plenty of ups and downs ahead of us,View full post »


Leyna’s Birth Story

It’s hard to know where to start with this one. I mean, with Kendall I knew the moment I went into real labor. IView full post »


5 Days Old and No Days More

I’m sittin’ here, I’m 1 day old I’m sittin’ here, I’m 2 daysView full post »