5 Days Old and No Days More

I’m sittin’ here, I’m 1 day old

I’m sittin’ here, I’m 2 days old

I’m sittin’ here, I’m 3 days old

I’m sittin’ here, I’m 4 days old

One day I’ll be a year
Then I’ll be two
Then three
Then four

But as for now, I’m sittin’ here
I’m five days old and no days more

Shout out to the Laurie Berkner Band for the lyrics from “Five Days Old”

Leyna is 5 days old and no days more

(Day 4 is an over the shoulder breastfeeding pic of one pissed off little Leyna. She was not liking how hard I was making her work to latch properly, and it showed. Day 5 is a picture with my beautiful sister Kelly.)

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  1. When my daughter was first born, I heard that song on Nick JR. I love it. Makes my heart melt.

    And day 4? OHMIGOD I want to squeeze her. So beautiful, so so beautiful.

  2. I don’t know why, but that song has always driven me nuts! But after seeing this adorable post, I’m sure I’ll think differently of it now!

    Baby Leyna is so adorable! I love how she is holding up 3 fingers when she is 3 days old and the day 5 picture is PRECIOUS!

  3. I have to admit, this post made me emotional. My baby girl turned 1 on the 28th and it went by way.too.fast.

    Little Leyna is so adorable! Great pictures!

  4. Perfect! I always wanted to edit a slideshow to that song, but it seems I woke up & my tiny baby is already 2 months old. It goes by too fast, and these pics make me want another brand new baby!

  5. Boy, she does look mad! LOL My grandson is now almost 6 weeks, he weighed in at 6#10oz, so he is a little peanut (up to about 8lb+ now), but wow, when his mom isn’t right there ready to nurse him, he can scream like you wouldn’t believe! His big sister would fuss but never right out scream like he does. And coming from such a little peanut, you almost have to laugh. You’re little LL, I just wanna cuddle her and sing songs to her and pinch her cheeks. You are so blessed. Can’t wait to hear her birth story. How is mom feeling? Is your rash better?

  6. Wait, that’s your sister?!? She looks exactly like you! (well, from that angle.) I get sad that Jolene isn’t going to have a sister. All I wanted growing up was a sister.

    Next thing you know you’re gonna turn around and she’ll be talking to you. It’s ridiculous how fast it all goes by once you get past the postpartum sleepless insanity.

  7. That little song reminds me of a poem by A. A. Milne (of Winnie the Pooh fame):

    When I was One,
    I had just begun.
    When I was Two,
    I was nearly new.
    When I was Three
    I was hardly me.
    When I was Four,
    I was not much more.
    When I was Five,
    I was just alive.
    But now I am Six,
    I’m as clever as clever,
    So I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever.

    When I was six, my grandmother so desperately wanted me to stay that way for ever and ever. I read that poem out loud to her and promised I’d stay six, too, but I knew in my little heart that it was a promise I could never keep, and that somehow the fact that I could never keep it was a very, very sad thing.

    Now I’m all grown up and my little brothers, whose diapers I used to change, are too. Enjoy every moment with your beautiful, precious little girl — these moments certainly pass too quickly and before you know it they’re bringing tears to your eyes (at least, I’m tearing up thinking of my little brothers as babies… but I’ll act tough and blame it on my PMS.)

  8. She is Beautiful. Congrats.
    For the nipple pain- it sounds crazy but try warm cabbage leaves. Really helps. and Organic Coconut oil as a lubricant between nursing pads- it’s safe if baby gets a bit in the mouth it is not big deal. I found it to be a life saver.
    Too many more memorable and inspiring days!

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