Little Interrogator

“What is that, momma?”

“I don’t know, Kendall. What?”

“What is that, momma?”

“What, Kendall? What are talking about?”

“What is that, momma? What is that?”

“Seriously. I don’t know.”

“What is that, momma? What is that? What is that?”

“Kendall, mommy has no idea what you’re talking about. What is what?”

“What is that, momma? What is that? Momma, what is that?”

“What is WHAT?”

“What is that, momma? What is that, momma? What is that?”


“Momma, what is that? What is that, momma? What is that?”

FINE. I’ll make something up. Anything. You got me. I’m going to give you a false statement that you will probably file in your mental record for all of eternity. I’ll be found guilty as a bad mother 10 years from now for lying to you just to get you off  my back.

“That’s, uhm, uh… oh, look! There, that’s a smoke alarm. It goes beep, beep when there’s a fire and we have to get out of the house by crawling.”

“No, momma. What is that?”

I give. Lock me up, officer. I have no idea what you’re after, and I’d rather use a toilet in front of security guards and dress in orange and wear coke bottle glasses than put up with another minute of your incessant, tortuous interrogation tactics. I DON’T KNOW!!


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  1. Sorry to say that this one will last for awhile! My son is 4.5 years old and I still get it all the time. He has eagle eyes too, so he can see things I can’t. Gets unbearable sometimes.

  2. My monkey is just a little older than Kendall and his interrogation of choice is “why”. Everything is a never ending chain of “why”. I try to change the subject and it tends to blow up in my face. I feel your pain. Oh the joy of the inquiring mind.

    • When my stepson always asked why and I tired of explanations, I’d say “because of physics.” And that suited him just fine. My daughter, however, not so much.

  3. Hahah!! He sounds hilarious!

    My parents have this story about me:
    My dad took me to breakfast when I was about 4 & by the time we got home he thrust me at my mom and said “I can’t do it anymore! How do you handle the incessant questions all day everyday?”
    🙂 I was very inquisitive – wanted to know everything. My questions went like this: Where’s a car come from? … What’s a factory? … How does that get made? … How do the people know where to put the sides? … etc etc. 🙂
    See what you have to look forward to? My mom says invest in encyclopedia stock.

  4. Isn’t it awful?!! My 2 year old pulls this on me too. I can figure it out sometimes if I follow his eyes. I HATE it when I’m driving. I have no idea what he’s looking at.

    He’s moving into the WHY’s now. It’s worse than the WHAT’s. I love him so much, but I don’t know why I have such a hard time keeping my patience. I know he doesn’t mean to drive me insane, but he does. Sigh.

  5. My almost 3 year old is incessant with the questions too. My sympathies.

    I try to get her to describe what it is that she’s “found”. Is it big? Is it in a tree? Is it teeny tiny? Etc. Sometimes it works and I can answer her. Sometimes it doesn’t and I want to crack my head open.

  6. My sister’s spawn introduced C to Scooby Doo. ALL DAY she wants Scooby Doo. I miss Dora. With Scooby it’s, “Wat’s dat Mommy?”. “It’s a robot/mummy/vampire/werewolf/ape ghost, I think.”. “What happened to Felma, Mommy?”. She lost her glasses, AGIAN, and fell in a barrel.”. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  7. LOL I love your followers. They always have hilarious comments. I never feel alone after reading them. My 2.5 yr old just constantly asks why. or “Why you want me do that mommy” Rinse and repeat. He never did the whole “what is that” he used to/and sometimes still does say “eh? eh?” in an inquisitive tone and you’re supposed to guess what he’s looking at. For a while there I thought he might be part dolphin. And you know, come to think of it.. I really miss that stage.. far less questions!

  8. Kendall and my newly-two-year-old must have gone to the same drive-mommy-crazy boot camp. If I’m not being asked “Whasss tha?” it’s “Where go?” I have no idea what “that” is or exactly what we’re trying to locate.

  9. I have a 2 year old son – a couple of months younger than Kendall – and his new thing now is “Where you goin?”

    He asks, “where you goin mama?” when I get up from the sofa. “Where you goin?” “Where you goin mama?” “Where goin?”

    Usually I’m just going to the kitchen to put a dish in the sink, or to the other room to grab his 1-year old sister who’s just learning to walk and has a tendency to wander.

    Eventually I lose it and respond with “Mama’s. Not. Going. ANYWHERE!”

    That’s when the kid starts with “Papa, where Mama goin?


  10. We taught our 13 month old the baby sign language, which is supposed to help them communicate, so they’ll be less frustrated, right? Well, the only one he learned is “please” and he goes around all day signing “please”, but no one has any idea what it is that he is asking for. So it is just “please, what? this? this? that?” and then he gets frustrated and throws a fit. So much for sign language!

  11. I usually answer “what do you think it is?” and he’ll say “it’s a XYZ” and identify it correctly in this “DUH you MORON” tone of voice. Thanks kid.

  12. That sounded so much like that old “who’s on first” skit. What if he’s actually asking you what the word “that” means?!

  13. This is just what I needed after the night and morning I just had with my 3 year old son! I get it all….the “what’s that mommy”, the “why’s”, the “where you going mommy”, etc.

    Ever since I’ve had my second child, I guess the attention I used to give him has gone a little south in his opinion. My opinion…BARELY. But now I am dealing with this: Child – “mommy, mom, mommy, mommy, momma, MOMMY, MOMMY!”. Me – “WHAT?”. Child – “ummmm. ummmmm. ummmm”.

    Me – pulling my hair out!

  14. I feel ya! My son does this too but in this really whiney, terrible way. It sounds like, “moomeeee….. What daaaaaaaaat?”.

  15. DUH. It is an intergalactic, star sweeper mooper vandooper for Mars. Say that VERY SERIOUSLY while nodding your head for emphasis. Works every. single. time.

  16. My daughter who’s now 3 was big on asking “why?” ALL THE TIME! Sometimes she still goes through small bouts of it. Here’s how I get through it.

    Ask Kendall to SHOW you what THAT is then take his hand so he can walk you to it.

    If it’s in the car, ask what color it is or for him to point to it.

    When you’re really in a bind I used, “Mommy doesn’t know, but I bet Daddy does (ask him when he gets home).” Then it’s not your problem anymore. LOL

  17. Jack is 3 and his current favorite is, “Mom, where did you get this?” or, “Where did this come from?” If you answer him, you are trapped bc then he wants to know where Wal-Mart in Sioux City in Iowa in the US in the North America in the earth in the Galaxy is. UGH. We tease each whoever answers first that they are not trapped in Jack’s world.

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