Daddy’s Little Tax Deduction

Today is a good day. A very good day. A great day to have an outside baby. Thank heavens she’s an outside baby. Because today could have been very different if she wasn’t yet. I don’t even want to know the extreme measures we’d be taking right now to GET. HER. OUT. before the new year.

Kendall is adjusting as well as can be expected. He’s *great* with her, but definitely acting out more than usual. It’s hard to tell if that’s just because of the baby or if the additional house guests, interruption of routine, and excessive sugar consumption in the form of bribes have anything to do with it. I’m guessing it’s a combination of all the above.

Leyna is definitely a comfort sucker. She’s not happy unless something is in her mouth, and for the first 48 hours that was my boobs. She sucked her thumb right away, within 10 minutes of having her, but she has a hard time getting it to her mouth on her own and OMG-DO-NOT-HELP-HER-SHE-WILL-DO-IT-HERSELF. So that first night home was a looooooooong one. She literally spent at least 8 hours on one boob or the other, a combo of cluster feeding and comfort sucking. I was tempted to throw a paci in there, but figured I’d hold off until my milk came in, at least.

Things are going pretty well with breastfeeding, but I will say I’m starting to recall why it was such a struggle in the beginning. It’s just now, as in the last hour, getting to the point where it’s getting painful. My milk is in, but there are already scabs and blisters on both nipples from the marathon cluster feeding sessions and comfort nursing over the last few days. I’m fighting to try to get her to open her mouth wider before she latches, but she keeps insisting on slurping my nipples, especially when we’re side-lying at night and I’m just too tired to work hard enough to correct it.

Oh, and my left nipple is a little bitch who can suck it. I’m so sick of this deformed, over sized nipple pissing me off and not fitting properly in my babies mouths. F-off, left nipple.

My mom, the world’s best mother and NaNa, had to leave today. Big sad, but I can’t blame her. She’s been here for 2 weeks waiting for Miss Priss to grace us with her presence. Good news is my sister is still here so we don’t have to go to man to man defense until next week. Then, frankly, I’m just praying the plethora of DVDs Kendall got for Christmas will step in as part-time babysitter for a while while we try to figure out this whole “parents of two” thing.

So here’s to 2011! Here’s to our newly expanded family and to having my birth canal free from the prying arm of our family CFO, my husband.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all know how much your positive words, well wishes and advice over the last year, throughout this pregnancy, and especially recently have meant to me. Stay safe and come back next year to read Leyna’s full birth story. If the thought of pooping on the table in front of your husband was embarrassing, you will DIE when I tell you what happened to me. There is officially not an ounce of mystery left in my marriage.

Kendall is nearly 2 years and 8 months and Leyna is 3 days old