My First Video Review (And Giveaway)! The BLANQI Body Styler

I ramble on a bit in this, so I’ll just cut to the chase and post the video so you can check it out. Forgive the audio! It’s my very first stab at this video blogging or vlogging thing. I’ll get better. Promise! (If you’re viewing this from the preview on my blog homepage, make […]

Felt Pomp Wreath Tutorial


You know I love me a festive wreath, especially one that looks nothing like those grapevine atrocities they sell at the local craft store. Last year I showed you all how to make a TuTu Cute Wreath for Halloween, and now I present to you the Felt Pomp Wreath. Do you remember in Kindergarten when […]

Thanksgiving Wrap Up & How To Wrap Up Green Beans in AWESOME

My lovely, beautiful little sister who helped me cook and craft and, in return (as seen here), got to sport some of my maternity jeans for Thanksgiving dinner.

Something happens to me when life gets busy and I get exhausted- I neglect my blog. I’ve been trying to blog about about being thankful and Thanksgiving and all that jazz for days now. I guess it’s a good sign that I was too busy actually thanking and eating (and SHOPPING!) to update you all. […]

Join Me and Dr. Greene to White Out Our Babies’ Food

white out

This past Saturday I had another opportunity to listen to Dr. Greene, an amazing, world renowned pediatrician, speak at a MetroMoms event here in Dallas. (You may remember I had the honor of guest blogging for him at the beginning of the year.) Just as he did last year, he inspired me to get more […]