Sorry for the lack of posts around here this week. I’m on another one of those “vacations,” visiting family, chasing my toddler, staying places that are not remotely 2-year-old proofed, scrubbing red crayon off fancy televisions that do not belong to me.  You know, one of *those* vacations.

It’s exhausting. I planned to blog while Kendall napped this week, but I need nap time more than he does, it seems.


Possibly because the child wears me out… probably more because I’m 30 WEEKS PREGNANT. WTF? How did that happen??

10 weeks, y’all… 10 weeks away. It’s terrifying, really, truly terrifying… and guilt inducing. Oooooh, I have so much guilt and a whole guilt post bubbling in my head that hopefully I’ll have the time to blog from the road soon. I have 10 weeks to get my shit together, 10 weeks to finally start taking this pregnancy seriously. Right now, I might as well be in denial. I might as well be one of those teenagers that denies it the whole time until she pops it out in the bathroom at prom… except I DO have the nursery under way. So there’s that, I guess. Because things like crib sheets and matching curtains and a cool paint job are totally necessary and indicative of how prepared I am to have a second baby, right?

You know what’s awesome about being 30 weeks pregnant? And by “awesome” I mean really awkward when it happens at your in-laws house for the first time.

Leaking milk.

Waking up with two big, crusty circles of dried milk (colostrum I would guess would be the more technical term at this point) on my night shirt, but NOT noticing it until, thank GOD, I had the good sense to stop into the bathroom to put on my glasses BEFORE greeting everyone at breakfast. Talk about totally awky and a close call.

Also awesome? Not fitting into booth seating at dinner tonight.

Or… not being able to cross my legs. I must sit with my legs splayed so as to make room between them for my giant belly to hang.

Let’s just say I’m feeling very pregnant these days. And while 10 weeks is way too close for comfort, it’s also way too far away to think about my continued growth. 10 more weeks of weight gain and expanding belly? I really don’t know how I’ll recover from this.

Here we are on our apple picking trip, Kendall and I sporting our Spider Hands shirts. Notice the VW Bug sized bump under mine. Also, my boobs? Enormous. Seriously. How.. where.. 10 more weeks? I just.. I don’t know how it’s going to work.

Final note, nothing to do with me complaining about my body, Kendall learned “shut up!” today after his cousin shouted it him. He spent all of dinner yelling “shut up!” at anyone who walked by. As we left, he walked up to the table next to us, all smiles and charm, said, “Hewwo!” to which they were all, “Awww! You’re so cute!” to which he promptly responded, “Shut Up!” Awesome. Great.

Can we go home now?

Kendall is nearly 2 1/2 and I’m 30 WEEKS PREGNANT… have we established that yet?

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15 thoughts on “10 Weeks Left, Let the Real Pregnancy Fun Begin”

  1. What??? You haven’t neatly folded all of the baby clothes and installed the carseat yet? I remember feeling similar to you, just so busy and kind of in disbelief that the baby was coming…like soon! Loved the spidey shirts!

  2. Leaking in your sleep is awful. I’m impressed that you made enough colostrum to even leak! GO YOU! And yeah, you should totally be napping. Make your husband clean up. You are growing a person, after all, and it’s exhausting work.

  3. “Shut up” is so not the thing you want a 2.5 year old knowing how to say!

    I think you look great with your baby bump! I look forward to being pregnant again but I wish I could sleep through those last few weeks of being and feeling huge.

  4. Haha, I denied I was pregnant the 2nd time until we were on the way to the hospital!

    And there really is no way to be prepared. You can do laundry and fold clothes and get the nursery ready but you just have to let it happen, Jill. I really think you just have to have baby girl to figure out how it’s going to work. That’s why it was so scary. I had no way to really prepare for baby #2. I truly had no expectations by the end.

    Also? Landon learned the word crap. That was my doing. And now he says it. And he uses it correctly. Bad mama.

  5. You look amazing! I can’t imagine preparing for a baby while wrangling a toddler, so I am sure that you are doing better than most would be by getting the nursery taken care of.

    Leaking boobs are awful, but just think, if you’re already leaking, you’ll probably have a great supply this time around, too, which is a good thing.

  6. Good luck preparing for the impending arrival – at least you have a little time to get used to it. Number two arrived rather more swiftly for us (via social services rather than the stork) I was finally getting the hang of caring for my (stork delivered) 10 month old when our in family adoption which had been on the go slow went from 0-60 in under a week. Shell shocked didn’t begin to cover it. One month on and I just managed my first cup of tea….

    LOVE those t-shirts btw

  7. 1. You look great. But I know you don’t feel great, so if you’re anything like me you’ll just awkwardly scoff at such comments.

    2. The guilt. It gets worse, then so much better…I PROMISE!! I guess I should save this comment for whenever the guilt post is published, but you’ve got me thinking of it. I felt awful for my 1st becuase I had to share her time, awful for my 2nd because I couldn’t give him as much attention as I gave my 1st…it was a vicious cycle. Until one day when my first made my second crack up…his very first laugh was because his big sister was making faces at him. It was so sweet, and it’s only gotten better since then. 🙂

  8. Maybe you missed the pics of my boobs and belly? Pathetically huge. They’ll get bigger and you’ll want to cry. But then they will GO AWAY! The “shut up” thing? It probably won’t go away so easily. 🙂

  9. I could have written this post 2 weeks ago. I’m at 32 weeks today and totally feeling a crushing guilt for my first born.

    You look great, btw!

  10. I’m RIGHT there with you, except my count down calendar (which I’m growing to hate) says 8 weeks and 5 days. I mean seriously, I’m NOT ready for any of this but the time just keeps on going, faster and faster! Yikes!! I could have written this post, ha!

  11. At least your baby has a room. We still have plan to renovate the horrible attic space into a master bedroom, somehow get our gigantic furniture up there, re-do the current master as a nursery playroom and have ALL THAT done in 10 weeks. Did I mention I’m so huge I can barely walk anymore? So much for “only” gaining 25 lbs this time. I have pains from my neck to my knees, plus the leaking boobs and a toddler who thinks grabbing them is the funniest joke EVER. Oh, and he said “oh shit” this week. I’d take “shut up” in a heartbeat.

    So, to sum up: I’m the size of a whale and my baby is going to sleep in a drawer.

  12. You look great!!! I’m 28 weeks pregnant today with my first… I have no idea where the time has gone, and also am in COMPLETE denial as to my 12 week count down… Yikes! 🙂

  13. I’m three weeks behind you but feeling as huge as you are… especially in the boob department. I’m still in disbelief that they are going to get BIGGER. You look adorable, though, which gives me hope that my bump might appear cuter from an outsider’s perspective…

  14. When I finally felt prepared for my second child, when I was exactly 40 weeks pregnant and it was my due date, my then 2 1/2 year old fell off his slide and required five stitches in the emergency room! They actually told me, “You’ll have to leave. We’re not prepared to handle it if you go into labor.” Wait a minute: You’re not prepared to handle it?! You a HOSPITAL. Actually, this is the hospital where I’m schedule to give BIRTH. **TODAY!!!** Turned out, Billy’s little sister didn’t come for another week, and we were conveniently located on that day for going back down to have his stitches taken out. There’s no way to truly prepare but you’ll be ready. And you’ll be AWESOME.

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