How I Spent My Kid-Free Staycation


This update is coming later than I originally planned for a couple reasons. 1. I got some sort of wretched stomach bug/24 hour flu a couple days ago, barfed my brains out (for the first time this pregnancy!) and spent almost the entirety of yesterday sleeping and/or complaining. I was even too sick to tweet! […]

The Hyland’s Teething Tablet Recall Means I Owe My Husband an Apology

Scott, my husband, works for the FDA. He’s always been a bit  (sometimes a lot) paranoid. His OCD tendencies are a running joke around here. Friends are tentative to invite us over for dinner for fear he won’t think the meat is cooked to temp or he might spy some cross contamination. I often have […]

Even Stranger Than Vanilla Ice’s HGTV Show

The other night, after a particularly productive day of home decorating, cleaning and renovation, Scott and I kicked back on the couch around midnight to unwind before going to bed. Yeah… we stayed up until midnight. That hasn’t happened in… hmmm.. well, probably since the days of colic, and that was against our will. Anyway, […]

Karma Catches Up with Dimples Cupcakes

A lot of you may remember a couple blog posts I did around this time last year about a Dallas based cupcake chain called Dimples Cupcakes. The two posts, here and here, recounted my horrific experience with the “CEO” of the company after he sent an email threatening me when he discovered a not so […]