Let the (Sewing) Games Begin!

A.K.A. I’m About To Embark On the Ridiculous and Possibly Unachievable Task of Sewing Nearly Everything For My Baby’s Nursery. Send Vodka… oh, wait…

I decided I was going to go the DIY route for this baby after dropping a ton of cash on Kendall’s crib bedding only to never really use much of it (crib bumper came out after he started rolling over, the blanket never got much use). I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, and figured it couldn’t be too hard to sew up a crib skirt. Then I found a tutorial for making crib sheets, and they actually don’t seem too hard either. And then I figured a curtain panel or two wouldn’t be that challenging, and while I’m at it, why not some matching pillows for the rocking chair and the window seat?

I told Scott we’d “save so much money” this way, but uh… that was before I fell in love with cute designer, boutique fabrics. So yeah, I’m making all this stuff with expensive fabric, which sort of negates the cost effectiveness of it all (and NO pressure on my end… none at all). But it will be super cute, right? I mean, maybe. If I can mange to not kill my sewing machine for inevitably fucking up for something that I know is my fault, but that I can’t diagnose in the moment because I’m too filled with RAGE over the stupid tension getting screwed up and the bobbin constantly coming unwound… or something to that effect. And this is all banking on my seam ripper not attacking me and lopping off a thumb because I will be using that seam ripper a lot.

I made sure to buy a couple extra yards of each fabric to account for damages. Speaking of fabrics, here they are:

Left to right- The first is the Amy Butler fabric I originally fell in love with, from the Love Collection. The sample I came home with was quilted because it’s all they had, but the fabric I ordered and will use won’t be quilted. The other two are by Jennifer Paganelli, from the Poodle Collection in a color called Mustard, but it really looks a lot more like peanut butter to me. The first two on the left will be used the most, with the one on the right used sparingly in the details.

My plan is to make the bedskirt out of the Amy Butler fabric. The bed sheets will be made out of the diamond Poodle fabric, and so will the curtain panels, which will be a great contrast against this grape jelly purple accent wall. We still have much painting to do, including adding the peanut butter color to the top of the rest of the walls and white trim, but you get the general idea. I know it looks pretty dark in this picture, but I swear it’s not as cave-like as it seems.

I’ll make some fun throw pillows out of all three fabrics to go in the window seat/sill thingy. I made sure to find a tutorial that requires no zippers or buttons. Would love to add a ruffled edge to some, but… I’ll get into my fear of ruffles in a minute.

Of course, I’ll also whip up a crib rail guard, using whatever scraps I have after the big projects are done.

And then there are these awesome, collapsable fabric bins that look like maybe I can tackle them… or just one… maybe none. We’ll see. There may be too many measurement involved for my frazzled pregnant brain.

Oh, and she’ll HAVE to have a blanket, at least one. Kendall’s not about to give up any of the billions other people made for him. He still demands to sleep with each one of them at night in his sea of stuffed animals and various other soft, once SIDS hazards that now cover his face most of the night.

I love this one. Seems simple enough, except for the ruffle edge. THAT seems hard as hell. Ruffles scare me. Anything that requires “basting” scares me. Okay, okay, anything that requires more than a simple straight stitch scares me, which leads me to…

What did  just sign myself up for?! I have to follow through. I’ve spent entirely too much money on too much fabric, but I can already envision the battles, the f-bombs, the crooked seams, the seam ripper thrown across the room (a dangerous habit, I know). I will need an extra dose of patience, a box of Bandaids and a bottle of Tylenol.

Or, you know, maybe it won’t be that bad. Maybe the fact that I can’t drink while doing these projects might actually help me. Yes, let’s just blame all my previous sewing inadequacies on the glasses of Shiraz that always accompanied me to the sewing machine.

Kendall is 2 1/3 and I’m 27 weeks pregnant and off to tackle some crib sheets.